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Swirly Halloween Cupcakes

Swirly Halloween Cupcakes

Can you guys believe Halloween is this week?! Gah. I can’t even believe it, it doesn’t seem real. Especially since we’ve just moved from a cold climate to a warm climate. BTW for those of you that didn’t see on Instagram/Facebook, we’ve made it to Texas, yay! The bulk of the move is behind us but the downside – we haven’t had a single moment to enjoy fall. Zero pumpkins have been carved and Halloween costumes – yea they are coming straight from the dress up bin. It’s a good thing I have some princess crazy girls, who won’t mind a bit being their favorite princesses this year.

Swirly Halloween Cupcakes Swirly Halloween Cupcakes

Speaking of costumes and getting settled in, this past week we were invited to our first event here in Texas, a Halloween party for the Hubs office. Since we’ve only received half of our household goods (thank you not so stellar moving company) I only have about half of my baking items and half of the girls dress up – but we were still able to gather up costumes and whip up some cupcakes.

Which gave me the perfect chance to try some a cupcake idea I’ve had for awhile now. Every since last year when I made these crazy cool Swirly Halloween Cookies I’ve been wanting to give them a try on some cupcakes. Originally I was going to rim them with sprinkles as well but I decided it was just a bit much…still I think they came out just as cool! I also decided to leave out the black color and instead use black greaseproof liners. Then I topped them off with creepy little faux black spider rings from Target.

Swirly Halloween Cupcakes

Here’s what your going to need:
24 Chocolate Cupcakes Baked In Black Liners
Orange Gel Coloring
Purple Gel Coloring
Lime Gel Coloring (Or Green + Yellow)
1-3 Medium Round Icing Tip(s) (Wilton 2A)
1-3 Piping Bag(s)

Note: Sorry about the kinda crappy pics in this tutorial. Unfortunately the new house has zero natural light in the kitchen, a HUGE change for me, and it’s going to take some getting use to.

Step 1: Start off by whipping up a large batch of your favorite buttercream. I used my normal decorators buttercream found here. I actually made a batch and half just to make sure I had a bit of extra to practice/experiment with.

Swirly Halloween Cupcakes

Step 2: Separate into three bowls and dye each bowl orange, green, and purple.

Swirly Halloween Cupcakes

Step 3: Prep your piping bags by placing the tip inside and setting them up in cups so they are ready to go, I used a Wilton tip 2A. Due to the nature of this project you will have to start with a fresh piping bag each time you need to refill. While it’s possible to just clean and reuse 1 set, if you have multiples I’d recommend getting them all out and ready to go to make things speed along.

I know it’s a pain, but so worth it in the end! If your using disposable liners you will only need to wash the tip. ;)

Swirly Halloween Cupcakes

Step 4: Begin by holding your piping bag in your hand and spooning just a little bit of each icing color side by side in the piping bag.

Swirly Halloween Cupcakes

Step 5: Once you’ve filled the narrow part of the bag, slip it into a cup to fill the rest. This will give you a little more control. I tucked my piping bag over the sides of the cup, filled the icing just about the rim, and then turned the bag bag up.

Swirly Halloween Cupcakes

Step 6: You will need to push out a little icing until all three colors start to come out. So I didn’t waste mine, I piped my “blobs” on each cupcake first. I always ice each cupcake with a “blob” in the center first, to get more height. Then just finish up by icing the cupcakes like normal and top with a creepy little faux spider if you would like.

If you’d like more info on my “blob” technique (lol) and how I ice my cupcakes you can check out Frosting Cupcakes 101 for details.

And that’s it! It’s really not as complicated as it looks…or as I make it sounds even! Just three frosting colors, place side by side into bag, then pipe in normal swirls. Although I do have to admit…I think the colors were messing with my focus. I couldn’t seem to pipe a straight cupcake to save my life that day! Ha. These were so much fun, weather you make them to compliment your swirly cookies, or they stand alone, I think they make a great Halloween treat!

Swirly Halloween Cupcakes



  1. So cool!

  2. I came for just a minute and got lost for an hour! It’s your fault I’m up way past my bedtime, lol! I love your colorful, perfect, beautiful treats! You’re amazing!

    • OK well then we are even because I can’t even pull up your page for a quick look…before you know it my coffee is gone and it’s two hours passed bedtime and there are STILL crazy awesome cookies to be seen! lol Thanks for the sweet compliments but you should know I feel the same way!:)

  3. Aquarius says:

    This is absolutely perfect! Great job :)