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Grinch Cupcake Tutuorial

Woah, hello there! Did ya miss me? I sure have missed you guys! I know things have been super quiet around here for far too long, but I have great news! The very first edition of the MBC book, is finished! Happy dance, happy dance! There is still quiet a long way to go, but the around the clock sprinkle fest will calm down just a bit for me – so I can get back to enjoying life outside the book, and just in time for the holidays! I really didn’t mean to take a little blogging break – it just sort of happened. Life, and work…you guys know the story. Today however, I’m back to share a simple cupcake tutorial featuring the the grumpy christmas character you all known and love (well sort of) the Grinch!

Let me tell you, these little Grinch cupcakes lived up to their name, and practically ruined my Christmas! Ok, ok…maybe just my day, but definitely a little of my Christmas spirit. It wasn’t because they were difficult, as a matter of fact these cupcakes are SO easy, almost too easy. And it may have been my lack of sleep and sudden case of clumsy, but I’d rather blame it on the Grinch.


You see, my kiddos aren’t really a fan of the Grinch, or anything of the villain non-hero or princess variety. I simply can not get them to understand the fun and tradition of the Grinch. I absolutely love Jim Carry’s version and watch it multiple times in December. But outside of the small part where Cindy Lou Who sings “Where Are You Christmas” my girls cringe and complain as the bad green guy runs across the screen blasting his witty comments. Despite my explanations of how he in the end turns good.

Rewind a few days and here I am baking cupcakes and I find myself with some extra batter, why not make some special cupcakes for tonight’s movie night to celebrate the completion of the book, a little way to say thanks for putting up with mommy the last few weeks. I personally thought this would be a great time to make those grinch cupcakes I’ve had on my “to bake” list for like ever. So I whip up some fun green cupcakes, bake red hearts in the center, and get to work frosting. The girls were at school, the hubs at work, fresh peppermint coffee was in my cup, and Christmas carols were playing. Everything was perfect right up until I tried to take the “process” picture when my lighting board fell and flattened half of my cupcakes. Oh well just a little redo right? Until I tripped on the stairs, spilled the bowl of green buttercream (covering my iPhone), broke half my Grinch eyes, busted open a piping bag while piping, and then eventually sent my favorite black sprinkles flying across the room e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e! Yea, that kind of a day. By the time I was done cleaning my mess and muttering ba-hum-bug my beautiful sunshine had gone away and I struggled to get just a few decent pictures, during which I forgot to photograph the awesome red heart inside! UGH!

Even with the crazy day, I was looking forward to surprising the girls with their cute little furry cupcakes, peppermint hot cocoa, and a Grinch movie night! As I happily presented there surprise cupcakes they responded “Mom, why did you make those cupcakes…you know he’s the Christmas bad guy right?” Wa-wa-waaaaaa. So, I didn’t exactly win them over this year…but it will happen! And I’m happy to report we enjoyed our family Christmas movie night, and yes, they ate the cupcakes with a smile! :)

If you want to make a little army of Grinches of your own I have a simple tutorial for you. Here’s how… (although I fully recommend getting a full nights sleep and not baking them with a case of the clumsy)

Grinch Cupcake Tutorial Grinch Cupcake Tutorial

Step 1: Bake green cupcakes, if you’d like to fill them with a red heart check out this post to learn how.

Step 2: Frost cupcakes with a smooth swirl.

Step 3: Cover the swirl with more buttercream using the grass tip.

Grinch Cupcake Tutorial Grinch Cupcake Tutorial

Step 4: Add additional buttercream “grass” to the cheeks and top.

Step 5: Use black sprinkles, pre-made eyes, and sprinkle hearts to decorate. I got my eyes from here, but you can also make them yourself with a little yellow and black fondant.

So easy right?

And don’t worry, my Christmas spirit is totally back. Today I’m baking cookies that I can’t hardly wait to share!



  1. I ADORE THIS! Sorry for shouting but omg this little guy is so cute! I have a thing for Mr. Grinch :)

  2. Aww, I am so sorry for your case of clumsy,but thank you for not quitting, because the cup cakes are too cute! I was on the same side as your girls about Grinch when I was young, now I agree with you the Grinch is a great story!