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The Sweet Life: Meet Your Baker/Blogger!

Make Bake Celebrate

Hello friends! Today I have something totally different to share with you, a blog post on quiet possibly the hardest topic I’ve ever written about…that would be, well, me!

Why on earth would I pause the sweet sharing to talk about me? Because recently, we’ve had soooo many new readers join the MBC crew! HOORAY! So I thought it would be good if I took a little time to do something different and share a little more about MBC and the baker/blogger behind the screen! I want all of you to feel right at home here! For all of you just joining along, as you might already know you’ll find I share lots of creative and easy recipes or decorative treats with the occasional craft or celebration…you could say it’s a party around here everyday! Although I don’t want to bore you will all life’s details because let’s face it 75% of it would be dishes, I do share little tie bits of life in with those recipes and creations. However, I do tend to be a little routine in all that party sharing! Sometimes life is just a little crazy, and I’ll be the first to admit, I get a little too busy. So one of my goals this year is to make a little more time to stop in and say hello! What’s going on? And this is what’s up in my sweet (and completely insane) life! Because to be honest, you guys means the world to me! I can’t even begin to express what it means to have all of your sweet comments, messages, likes, emails and so on. I can honestly say I’ve found some of my favorite people ever through this blog!

Also, I recently had these photos done by Sonia Boukaia for my upcoming book. She’s a wonderful photographer who settled my jittery nerves and showed me how to have a little fun even in front of the camera. She really did a wonderful job, it wouldn’t have been right to not share! Wether you’re in the area or just want some adorable eye candy you will love her work!

Make Bake Celebrate Make Bake Celebrate

So to start off, I’m going out on a huge limb here and start by introducing myself! And since writing about yourself has to be the most uncomfortable thing in the world…I’ll share 15 random facts about me. Let’s start with the basics? Eh? In case you are totally new around here…Hi! I’m Toni-baker/blogger/sprinkle tosser here at MBC! As you know from above I like to create treats that are just equal parts easy, adorable, and delicious! I am married to the man of my dreams who happens to be my high school sweetheart, best friend, soldier, and all around hero. We have three girls M – B – C (who never caught that before?) Two of which are twins. And recently we’ve added a new addition, Sprinkles the dog. Oh yes, we went there! We also happen to be a military family. We’re currently residing in Texas, but don’t blink or that will change!

Random facts, let’s do this!

Make Bake Celebrate

1. I’m no fashionista – really this is no surprise but, I’m completely guilty of wearing yoga pants far more then I actually do yoga (which is like never). That’s one of the benefits (to me) of blogging. I can wear comfy clothes to work everyday, and my boss never cares! Although I do love enjoying the style and beautiful inspirations of others, I’m pretty boring, and pretty much stick to simple prints and solids. Each blog related trip sends me into a mini frenzy about what on earth I’m going to wear to hang with these fabulous fashion forward people! But I do love cute flats and scarfs. Comfy long sleeve shirt + scarf, oh look she made an effort! ;)

2. I’m a total scatterbrain – I almost hate that I have to admit that but it’s true, I’m a scatterbrain. People tend to think I’m this routine organized person but I certainly don’t feel that way. In reality I’m this bubbly toddler with OCD tendencies overcome with perfectionism. In one moment I’m dreaming up a project big enough to swallow me whole and in the next minute I’m crying over the mess! Glitter…glitter everywhere…ahhhhh who moved my glitter bottles…wait why aren’t my glitter bottles in rainbow order?! Yep, that’s me. While I strive to be more and more organized and productive, turns out I’m better at buying adorable planners then I am using them, eh what’s a girl to do? Wait what were we talking about?

3. I’m a extrovert hiding behind an introvert – I know sounds like an oxymoron right? But it’s true. Part of me is a total introvert, the part that loves my comfy spot behind the computer screen, can’t even believe I’m sharing all these pictures of ME, and cringes at the mere thought of speaking in large groups. The other part of me truly loves people, loves to get to know them, to hang out, to help out…I’m never the first one to pop up and say Hey! More the girl who quietly waits to be welcomed into a conversation, but once I’m comfortable, I just might chat your ear off! I love to hear about others, where there at, and where their going!

4. I grew up in northern Indiana, where not much exists aside from great hardworking people and corn. I married and left hometown at 18, skipping on my enrollment to a Christian business school, to follow my heart. (Don’t worry, I did end up getting my degree elsewhere) Since then we’ve moved all around the country averaging one state per year of my children’s lives, just up until this last year! Our goal is the distant, yet fast approaching, future is to settle on the east coast.

SBP-IMG_6789 SBP-IMG_6806-2

5. We’re a military family – Pretty much explains #4. I don’t talk about this too much on the blog, but it’s a HUGE part of my life, and I wouldn’t change one single moment. We’ve been through many trials, we’ve sacrificed a ton, we’ve learned to live apart, together, and in pure chaos. But in the end…it’s worth every single tear. Words can not express the pride I have for my husband and country.

6. Extra sprinkles – it’s more like a life policy then an option. And with over 200 varieties in my pantry they are never very far…muwhahaha.

7. I’m a night owl – I firmly believe all days should start at 10. Because seriously, 6am..ugh. Every single day. No matter how early I get up I am most alive during the night. Although I’m trying really hard to shift my bedtime earlier, I find myself all sort of productive and creative in the latest hours of the night or earliest hours of the morning. About 11PM I’m ready to move mountains…the next morning comes…eh how about a nap first? And you can see where it would lead from there..

8. I struggle with thyroid issues and PCOS – if you’re aware of these medical complications you know they aren’t pleasant. Extreme fatigue, major weight fluctuation, cysts, and so on are part of my daily life.

Make Bake Celebrate

9. I hate the smell of fake chocolate – seriously guys you won’t find a bigger fan of chocolate around. Although we do have to keep our respective distance due to #8 but seriously, I heart chocolate. I can not say the same for the smell of fake chocolate…like chapsticks and lotions and candles…what are those people thinking?!?! They don’t smell anything like chocolate! Worst. Smell. Ever.

10. I’m learning to say no – or should I say “the best yet”. Unfortunately It’s taken me this long to learn, I can’t do it all. As I get cringe older I’m learning to take on less and enjoy the journey right away. Quite possibly my biggest flaw in life is taking on too much, I want to see it all, do it all, help them all! And after years of burn out…I’m learning to be content with less really is more.

11. I’m a wanna be home stylist – I absolutely love to decorate my house. Nothing makes me quiet happier then a new line of decor at Target or a stroll through Home Goods! The hubs would love to testify on that I’m sure. Decorating really does make me happy, not only is it playing with color and organizing which I love to do, it’s creating a happy space for us no matter where we reside. A huge part of me longs for our own house and stability out side of “moving military” that can paint, and build, and customize a place of our own! Only 9 years 1 months 3 days and 42 seconds…not that I’m counting or anything. I’ve even considered starting a second blog for home projects, but then it occurred to me, when would I sleep?

12. Hard plastic cups – drive me insane. Cheapo party cups I can do, glass cups I can do, but hard reusable plastic cups are a no go. The hubs says I’m crazy but I swear they absorb flavor because nothing ever tastes right in them. (Anybody with me here? Am I just insane?)

Make Bake Celebrate Make Bake Celebrate

13. Marching band – consumed most of my high school days. I spent part of my time playing the clarinet (ok more like sucking it up) and the rest in the color guard. Can we just not talk about those days…

14. To answer one of my most ask questions ever – where do I get my sprinkle mixes? I mix them myself! Often using bulk sprinkles bought in solid colors from my favorite sprinkle supplier Country Kitchen SweetArt. And if I had to pick a very favorite sprinkle, it would be the jimmy in pink of course!

15. I avoid chalk at all cost possible –shudders. Seriously, I can’t stand the feel of it, the sound of it, the smell of it, or the smudgy messy look of it. I am SO not on board with this chalk trend I pray it passes quickly (although I’m pretty sure it will never die). You won’t find chalk in my house EVER! Maybe someday I’ll try a chalk pen…someday…

Make Bake Celebrate

So there you have it.

That’s pretty much me in a nutshell. Hopefully we can still be friends! ;)
Now that you’ve read a little more about me…I want to hear a little more about you! Let’s have a little fun…leave a little random fact (or two or three) about you in the comments below!