Watermelon Cookie Tutorial

Man - we've got ants. But we've also got watermelon. And cookies. So really...I'm down with the ants! Are you guys ready for another cookie tutorial? I know, I know...I've been on a cookie kick lately. Totally guilty. But it's not my fault (it never really is, right?) it's totally Sweet Sugarbelle's fault. I've finally got my hands on oodles of her new cookie decorating cutters and tools and I ... [ read more... ]

Watermelon Push Pops

Watermelon is a sure sign summer is almost here! Since my kids absolutely love watermelon, I thought it would be fun to make some watermelon treats...kid friendly and perfect for BBQ's! And just maybe because I really wanted to use the watermelon candy flavoring that's been hanging out in my cabinet since fall. Or so I thought it had...as I'm finishing up the frosting I realize there is no ... [ read more... ]