Cake Pop Stand Co. Review And Giveaway!

Today I'm kicking off the week here at MBC with a fun product review from our newest sweet sponsor, Cake Pop Stand Co! Cake Pop Stand Co is a company that produces specialty cake pop stands in a wide variety of shapes, designs, hole count, and decor. You can pick from an option available in the shop or work with them to create something totally unique to your needs. Over the next few months we're ... [ read more... ]

The Great Baking Closet Clean Out Blog Party!

Boy, do I have a fun post for you guys today! But wait, not just a post, a party! A party that involves, sprinkles, baking supplies, sweet bloggers, prizes, and cleaning - yes cleaning! Betsy over at JavaCupcake, and I have rounded up a few sweet bakers to share with you guys a behind the scenes look at how we keep our baking supplies neat and tidy! Well sort of, before we showed you guys our ... [ read more... ]

Wilton Giveaway – 12 New Cupcake Products!

Wilton products have always been a fav of mine. As a matter of fact, Wilton played a huge roll in my baking adventures from the start! It was my husband's gift of Wilton's Ultimate Cake Decorating Set that encouraged me to give baking/decorating a try! My Wilton collection has grown just a bit since then...heh. Just when I think I've got "enough" they come out with more awesome stuff...that I just ... [ read more... ]

KC Bakes Cake Pop Stands

Since I starting baking I've learned there are 4 important things to making a treat look just as good as it tastes. Method, organization, proper supplies, and good tools. When you've got a good handle on those can really conquer just about any treat! One once you've got one down...each additional treat gets easier and easier. With that said...I really love to share products that I ... [ read more... ]