Blueberry Pumpkin Cupcakes

I am so happy to be sharing a new recipe with you guys today, it feels like forever since I've really dug in and did some major blogging. Man does my heart miss it! I wish I could tell you guys we're all settled in Europe and I'm baking up a storm - the truth isn't anything close to that. The real deal? We've ate an embarrassing amount of BK and I've had more pastries in the last 4 weeks then ... [ read more... ]

Happy Thanksgiving!

What Turkey? I see no Turkey! Remember last year we had these cute little pitiful fondant Turkeys show up at Thanksgiving? This year, they came well prepared for the hunt. Well played guys, well played... I just wanted to take a moment in between the cooking/baking frenzy and sure to be food coma to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! I am so very thankful for all of my ... [ read more... ]

Cinnamon Streusel Pumpkin Bread

I know, I know it's the day before Thanksgiving and here I am sharing a pumpkin recipe, perfect for Thanksgiving! To be fair, I hadn't intended on ever sharing this bread but after making it 4 times (really!) in the last week I thought you guys would love it just as much. So here's for the late planners that need something quick for tomorrow, I've got you covered...OR you can totally take ... [ read more... ]

Sweet Potato Cupcakes

My name is Toni, and I'm addicted to Sweet Potatoes. There I said it. I'm currently madly in love with sweet potatoes. But it's November...and that's totally allowed right? However, this little fling started way back in August...before we were all prepping Turkey day sides and dreaming of pumpkin pie. Back in August I went to visit the hubs in school across the country and on one of our outings I ... [ read more... ]

Maple Butter Pecan Cupcakes

Maple and pecan, a fall favorite for sure - you just can't go wrong with this combo! These cupcakes just might be my best kept secret, because honestly they just keep getting "lost"! I first made them a few years ago for a cupcake event I was hosting, and they were a favorite of the night. Recently, I've been getting lots of request for those yummy pecan cupcakes with the syrup drizzled on top. ... [ read more... ]

Pumpkin Cake Mix Crinkle Cookies

I have a problem. I just can't stop making cake mix crinkle cookies! Every time I see a new cake mix out on the shelves I see a new crinkle cookie, I'm delusional I swear. I just can't help it they are just SO easy, soft, chewy, fast, and come out great every single time! They are currently my my "go to" treat when I need something fast. .. I made these Pumpkin crinkle cookies before we ... [ read more... ]

Real Seal Challenge – Cherry Cheesecake Cupcakes

You know - I've always wondered what family, friends, and readers think about our eating habits. Because if you read my posts and keep up with me on any social media, it just may seem like we live off of pretty little cupcakes and treats dipped in sprinkles 24/7. While it's true my kitchen often does resemble a sprinkle factory, we really do eat healthy well balanced meals. Can I let you in on a ... [ read more... ]

Thanksgiving Dinner Cupcakes

Hey there! Yesterday I shared some pumpkin pie sugar cookies, and today I'm back with the rest of dinner. (dessert should always go first right?) These are definitely some of the most fun cupcakes I've ever made...I think I have a slight major adoration for making foods that look like other foods...weird I know. I actually first made a set of these last year, but I wanted to remake and share them ... [ read more... ]