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Root Beer Float Cookies

Something I love about baking/decorating treats is the ability find inspiration from everywhere. Maybe it's a cool color scheme for a party, an adorable card animation turned into cookies, or a unique flavor adapted from a local restaurant...I find inspiration just about everywhere I go! There is always something to be inspired by. The inspiration for these root beer float cookies actually came ... [ read more... ]

S’mores Parfait Push Pops

I have a fashionably late summer post for you guys today...I meant to share these weeks ago but life has been so busy I've been a blog slacker. I might also have another half dozen post that are fashionably late as well. Oops! But technically fall doesn't start for a few more I think I'm still good. Plus who doesn't love s'mores any time or the year?! These little push pop style ... [ read more... ]

Pink Lemonade Crinkle Cookies

Hey guys! I'm not sure how it's mid August already -crazy- but as the care free days of summer dwindle down for us, we're spending time in Indiana enjoying family. Soon we'll be back in New York and back to school just long enough to get ready to move to Texas. Geesh! But why focus on all of that chaos when we can talk about cookies?! These pink lemonade cake mix crinkle cookies are perfect for ... [ read more... ]

Cotton Candy Mousse

Do you guys remember these marshmallow chocolate mousse parfaits? They happen to be one of the easiest and most special recipes I've ever shared! Ever since creating them over a year ago I've wanted to try other flavors...and cotton candy was first on my list! Not only does the smell and taste of cotton candy bring me right back to childhood memories, the light fluffy mousse pairs perfect with the ... [ read more... ]

Pop Rock Cupcakes – Sprinkles Will Fly Blog Party!

Remember the Cupcake Couture blog party a few weeks ago? Well get ready for more awesome cupcakes and prizes...because once again Bella Cupcake Couture and Java Cupcake has rounded up 24 crazy awesome bloggers for yet another party Sprinkles Will Fly! Bringing you 2 dozen awesome Fourth Of July cupcake ideas! Before I even received my cupcake wrappers, I knew what I wanted to make. I was ... [ read more... ]

Decorating Cookies 101

Hey there! Previously, I shared with you guys all about royal icing Royal Icing 101, today we're moving on to the fun stuff...welcome to Decorating Cookies 101! As I explained yesterday, I love decorating sugar cookies but I like to keep it simple cause let's face it (unless you're a professional cookier)...ain't nobody got time for that. ;) So in this post I'm going to break it down step by step ... [ read more... ]

Watermelon Push Pops

Watermelon is a sure sign summer is almost here! Since my kids absolutely love watermelon, I thought it would be fun to make some watermelon treats...kid friendly and perfect for BBQ's! And just maybe because I really wanted to use the watermelon candy flavoring that's been hanging out in my cabinet since fall. Or so I thought it I'm finishing up the frosting I realize there is no ... [ read more... ]

S’mores Cake Pops

If you have been following MBC for awhile you might remember the S'mores cake pops I posted about in the past. Unfortunately, they were one of the old posts that hadn't made it to the new site yet. However, they were simply way too yummy to be left behind today I'm bringing them back and even better! My original S'mores pops were a graham cracker cake stuffed with marshmallow filling ... [ read more... ]