Monster Munch + FREE Printable!

You know what I love about October? Anything goes. You want to fill your cupcakes with slime - perfectly normal. Serve zombie brains to you're guest - well who wouldn't?! Tossing caramel corn and candy ants together - totally allowed. It's it fun? It's my absolute favorite time to create silly treats because anything goes, and people really love it! Try these things in July and're sure ... [ read more... ]

Zombie Brain Truffles Over At Skip To My Lou!

Looking for a perfectly creepy -yet totally delicious- treat for the next Zombie apocalypse? These will do the trick...and maybe for all those Halloween bashes too! ;) Don't let the creepy shell fool you, these little guys are stuffed with Oreo truffle filling! Head on over to Skip To My Lou where I'm hanging out and showing you just how to make these creepy little treats! ... [ read more... ]

Candy Corn Cookies

Eek! It's that time of year...yep the time that I'm totally allowed to fulfill my candy corn obsession. There's just something irresistible about those cute little layers of yellow, orange, and white that keeps my inspirations flowing. You guys know how much I love to share easy to make cookies with you guys - adorable without all the fuss - and these fit right in! Each color is done in ... [ read more... ]

High Hat Pumpkin Cupcakes

I have quiet the treat for all you pumpkin fans out there...Pumpkin Spice High Hat Cupcakes, I'm in love! These little babies consist of pumpkin spice cupcakes, filled with creamy pumpkin icing, topped with buttercream, and dipped in pumpkin chocolate. Pretty much...the ultimate pumpkin cupcake - oh yea. This past weekend I had the incredible chance to visit the Duncan Hines test kitchen for ... [ read more... ]

Pumpkin Puppy Chow

It's officially fall, which means it's time to bust out the pumpkin desserts! YUM! Seriously - are you guys as crazy about pumpkin as I am? I start dreaming up pumpkin desserts sooner and sooner every year... But you know whats really yummy? Pumpkin and white chocolate - my fav fall combo! So you can imagine my excitement when I saw Wilton has limited edition Pumpkin Candy Melts out, yep ... [ read more... ]

Swirly Halloween Cookies

Call a shrink,  I have dessert commitment issues. This weekend I was going to bake some yummy fall flavored treats...and today I was going to post all about buttercream neither of which I did. I laid everything out on the counter and even opened the can of pumpkin...but then these cookies popped in my head and I had to make them. I'm not a bit disappointed because these came out perfect! As for ... [ read more... ]

Candy Corn Meringues

I love making meringues, but these might honestly be one of my favorite things I ever made. Not only are they easy, they are inexpensive, serve a lot, and so incredibly stinking cute! Don't worry if you aren't a fan of candy corns, these light and airy cookies have a soft vanilla taste - just dressed up as candy corns. I couldn't resist layering yellow, orange, and white meringue to make these ... [ read more... ]

{Candy Corn Week!} Candy Corn Cupcakes

Looking for a special not so spooky sweet treat to make for halloween? How about cupcakes...dressed as candy corns? Halloween cupcakes just don't get much more cute! These cupcakes are always a hit every year, making them is just too much fun! I've seen cupcakes with layers of yellow, orange, and white and they are cute but I wanted to find a way to shape the buttercream just like a candy ... [ read more... ]