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Build Your Own Burger Cookies

It's burger season! Can I get a whoop whoop? Whoop whoop! Hello daddy's cooking dinner again - and enjoying it! Ohhhhhhh you thought I was excited about the burgers, and the food. Oh, yea, yea right. I mean the foods great and all, heck the hubs can grill a mean burger. But the real excitement for this mama is the fact that I won't be cooking dinner multiple times a week. My responsibilities ... [ read more... ]

Uncle Sam Rice Krispie Pops

Can you guys believe the 4th of July is this weekend? This weekend! Yea, me either, I've been a total slacker in the red, white, and blue blogging department. Mostly because we'll be spending this year on leave visiting family! I've been prepping the house, 3 kiddos, and 1 doggy for the trip to the north. I can't wait to spend 2 weeks of summer fun kicked back and relaxing with family. Who am I ... [ read more... ]

Patriotic Swirl Cupcakes – Two Toned Icing

I've decided to call these cupcakes Patriotic Swirl Cupcakes instead of "______ Of July Cupcakes". Yea - I'm avoiding that holiday right now and pretending it's not really just two weeks out. It's not that I don't enjoy the "______ Of July", in fact I love it! We're just now completing our first full week of summer break and I can not express how much I've really enjoyed it. It's amazing what ... [ read more... ]

Cherry Pie Ice Cream

It seems no matter where you go in summer you'll see frozen treat machines displayed in every store saying. "Hey! Buy me!". But if your anything like me you resist, because the last thing you want is another thing to store in the kitchen, and from past experience you know they never work well enough to put forth the effort over simply just buying the frozen treats. I'll let you in on a little ... [ read more... ]

Firecracker Pretzels

The Fourth Of July is only 2 days away, so I thought I would share one more little treat. This one is a quick and easy treat, that's still a lot of fun! I mean really, what's more fun then a firecracker you can eat? ;) You might remember last week I shared these Pop Rock Cupcakes with you and now I have another treat that crackles and pops! I couldn't let all my extra Pop Rocks and sprinkles go to ... [ read more... ]

Pop Rock Cupcakes – Sprinkles Will Fly Blog Party!

Remember the Cupcake Couture blog party a few weeks ago? Well get ready for more awesome cupcakes and prizes...because once again Bella Cupcake Couture and Java Cupcake has rounded up 24 crazy awesome bloggers for yet another party Sprinkles Will Fly! Bringing you 2 dozen awesome Fourth Of July cupcake ideas! Before I even received my cupcake wrappers, I knew what I wanted to make. I was ... [ read more... ]

Decorating Cookies 101

Hey there! Previously, I shared with you guys all about royal icing Royal Icing 101, today we're moving on to the fun stuff...welcome to Decorating Cookies 101! As I explained yesterday, I love decorating sugar cookies but I like to keep it simple cause let's face it (unless you're a professional cookier)...ain't nobody got time for that. ;) So in this post I'm going to break it down step by step ... [ read more... ]