Spiral Spring Cookies – And A Little Chat

It's SPRING! SPRING. Can we just say it together? Ahhhhhhhhh. For some of you that may be ah-chou! But even if you are battling those pesky allergies I bet your still enjoying the fresh air, warm sun, and chirp of the birds once again. Isn't it funny how we get excited for each new season, but as time moves on the newness wears off and we're ready to move on again to the next one? Or maybe it's ... [ read more... ]

Leftover Bunny Bait Cookies

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! If your house is anything like ours all of the eggs are empty, they baskets are put away, dresses are hung back up, leftovers are quickly dwindling in the fridge, and the kids are slowly coming down off their sugar rush . But one thing remains, a tub filled with far too much candy, many of which will remain until the next holiday. Admit it...how many of you ... [ read more... ]

Carrot Meringues

Easter is just less then two weeks away and can you believe I haven't baked a single Easter treat? What's my deal? I blame it on the macarons really, if I hadn't recently fell in love with the adorable little yummy treats I would be dreaming up floppy bunny ears and cute little cotton tails. Instead of dreaming of different macaron combos. But hey, maybe they won't mind if we have coconut ... [ read more... ]

Pretty As A Daisy Cupcakes

Surprise! I baked you some flowers! We still have snow up here in the frozen tundra, and the weather man says it's never ever going to stop. Well that's what I heard at least...so I thought some flowers would make it feel a bit more springy around here. However, I've never really been a fan of getting or giving real flowers, and I'm definitely not very good at growing them. Since the only green ... [ read more... ]

Eggs & Jelly Beans Cupcake Topper Printable!

Oh my chocolate bunnies, Easter is less then a week away! Does anybody else feel like they have been completely robbed of the holidays this year?! As if Christmas wasn't crazy enough, this year we had vacation paired with Valentine's Day, Saint Patrick's Day (just before site launch), birthdays and just when I think I'll finally be able to get creative with Easter - I realize it's super early this ... [ read more... ]