Chocolate Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Welcome back to Ice Cream Week, a full week of easy to make homemade ice cream treats made without a machine! So far this week we've covered Cherry Pie Ice Cream and Cotton Candy Ice Cream but today is Wednesday, and I figured some chocolate would be best to get you through the week. This easy chocolate ice cream loaded with cookie dough candy bites is the perfect mid-week pick me up, or ... [ read more... ]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

Calling all cookie dough lovers! WARNING: These cupcakes may be extremely addictive. They may cause: weight gain, addictions, sugar visions, loss of self control, and even inability to share. Please proceed with caution and consult your calorie tracker before consuming. Make Bake Celebrate is not responsible in the event any of the symptoms or incidents take place, please bake with caution. ... [ read more... ]

Smart Cookies + Printable!

Having a child in school for the first time this year, has finally given real meaning to Teacher's Appreciation Week. Boy do I sure appreciate them and everything they do! We've been blessed with such great leaders in our kiddo's life this year. Not only are they so fantastic with the kiddos, they don't mind enjoying all our extra treats! Since Teacher's Appreciation Week is near, I thought it ... [ read more... ]