Build Your Own Burger Cookies

It's burger season! Can I get a whoop whoop? Whoop whoop! Hello daddy's cooking dinner again - and enjoying it! Ohhhhhhh you thought I was excited about the burgers, and the food. Oh, yea, yea right. I mean the foods great and all, heck the hubs can grill a mean burger. But the real excitement for this mama is the fact that I won't be cooking dinner multiple times a week. My responsibilities ... [ read more... ]

Watermelon Push Pops

Watermelon is a sure sign summer is almost here! Since my kids absolutely love watermelon, I thought it would be fun to make some watermelon treats...kid friendly and perfect for BBQ's! And just maybe because I really wanted to use the watermelon candy flavoring that's been hanging out in my cabinet since fall. Or so I thought it I'm finishing up the frosting I realize there is no ... [ read more... ]