Miss Friday Mourning Sprinkle Jewelry Giveaway!

You guys know I love sprinkles, it's not exactly a secret. But I do have to admit I kind of have a love hate relationship with nonpareils. I mean I can't hate them, their sprinkles. But they are a pain in the rear to work with, am I right? All you have to do is look at the little guys and they start hoping around in the container. You open that lid and it's a promise you'll be sweeping them up ... [ read more... ]

Sweet Gifts Your Baker Will Love

Shopping and baking - two of my favorite things. You guys should see me in a baking store, it's like a four year old in a candy factory. If I could, I would live in the sprinkle aisle at Country Kitchen SweetArt. I admit the sight of a new mix of sprinkles or an adorable new cake stand just might stop my heart a little. Growing up I never wanted to get my mom "kitchen stuff" for gifts, because ... [ read more... ]

KC Bakes Cake Pop Stands

Since I starting baking I've learned there are 4 important things to making a treat look just as good as it tastes. Method, organization, proper supplies, and good tools. When you've got a good handle on those things...you can really conquer just about any treat! One once you've got one down...each additional treat gets easier and easier. With that said...I really love to share products that I ... [ read more... ]