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Striped Fondant + Floral Heart Cookies

Hello and welcome! I’m so freaking excited to be able to officially say I am doing LIVE tutorials on Instagram every other Thursday! I can’t even you guys…just can’t even. The blogging + social media space has changed so much since I’ve been hanging out with you guys here. It’s mind blowing to think I can now actually hang out with you guys and get our sprinkle on together LIVE! I’ve always said if I could scoop you all up and have a mega sweets hang out it would probably be the best day of my life. With live streaming that’s kinda what happens, except you can totally stay in your pjs and don’t even think about that makeup girl! Major bonus – I can give you guys more tips, tricks, and get right to the sprinkles details more so then ever. Hopefully I’ll learn a lot from you guys too! If you missed it, today we made these Striped Heart Cookies + Easy Fondant Flowers just in time for Valentine’s Day. I’m happy to be bringing them to the blog now to give you guys the step by step instructions, supply info, and more. (Psst! If you aren’t following already make sure to head on over to IG and follow me there so you can be sure to catch the next tutorial!).

Striped Heart Cookies

Ever since I made these Striped Fondant Flower cookies last year I’ve been wanting to make another set. You guys went nuts over them and it kinda blew me away because they were just so darn easy. Since then I’ve even perfected my fondant stripes technique. So I really felt these cookies were the perfect way to kick off the live tutorials. Ready to make some for yourself? Let’s do this!

Striped Heart Cookies

As always you can add or adjust tools and supplies to fit your ideal end results or tools you already have. But here’s what I used. Also, all of these royal icings could easily be switched to 20 second icing. I am just so darn old school I love to pipe and flood.

heart shaped cookies (I used this recipe)
heart cutter (same you used for the cookies)
grey, white, light pink, dark pink, coral, and green fondant
parchment paper
small fondant rolling pin
small flower cutter
straw (optional)
plastic egg carton
pasta cutter (can be traded for a pizza cutter + ruler)
cutting board
fondant smoother
food safe paint brush
leaf cutter

Striped Heart Cookies

Step 1: On a piece of parchment paper, begin by rolling out one of the fondant flower colors. Using the small flower cutter, cut out your bottom layer of the flowers. I like to pick them up with the bottom of a straw to punch a hole in the center, then gently lay them in a rounded egg carton to dry just a bit. The hole is optional but I find it gives the top flower a perfect little spot to “sit” in. And the rounded egg carton give the flower just a little bit of shape as it dries. Next using the same fondant color cut more flowers using the same cutter. This time make the centers by folding the flower in half and then folding it slightly again and pinching the bottom together to make a flower center. I like to make more centers then bottom because I like to use the smaller centers in my arrangements by themselves. Repeat this process with the rest of the fondant flower colors. Set them aside to dry a bit while you cover your cookies.

Step 2: To make the fondant stripes you want to start with one of the striped colors, in this case we’re going to start with grey. Roll out your grey fondant so it’s nice and long. Use the noodle cutter to cut really nice even stripes. I like to do this on top of a cutting board so I don’t damage my table and it helps with the next step. Line up the stripes 1/2 inch apart from each other and use the ruler to get them super straight. Next pop them in the freezer board and all, this is where having them already on the cutting board helps. They will need to stay in there for about 10 minutes to firm up.

Step 3: While the stripes are in the freezer you can roll out the base of your stripes, in this case the white fondant. Remove the grey stripes from the freezer after about 10 minutes or when they are firm enough you can move them around. Lay the grey stripes down on the white fondant in whatever pattern of stripes sizes you would like. You won’t need any adhesive as the condensation will do the trick. Once all your stripes are in place lay a piece of parchment over the entire thing and gently use your smoother tool to press the stripes down into the white fondant going back and forth down the stripes with a little pressure.

Step 4: Now that you have striped fondant cut out your hearts using the same heart you used to cut the cookies. The fondant should still be flexible enough you can gently place them on the cookie and smooth them over with just a tiny amount of pressure. If your fondant has dried too much you can brush on a small amount of corn syrup to act as glue between the fondant and the cookie.

Step 5: To assemble the flowers brush a little water using a food safe paint brush into the center on the flower bottom. Lay the top flower inside it and give it a gentle press. If the “stem” of the top flower you pinched together is too long you can gently break some off to get it to sit down a little better. You can now gently glue the flowers on to your striped cookies with water and a tiny bit of pressure.

Step 6: Add the finishing touch by cutting of a few leaves and adding them in to your flower bunches. To make them curl a bit I love to pinch the ends. I do this as the last step because I find it easier to add leaves when the fondant is still soft and this cuts down on the chances of me making too many.

There you have it, beautiful fondant flowered cookies. Until next time guys – keep on sprinkling!


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