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You guys I miss pancakes. Like seriously, I need a pancake night in my life right now. Warm, fluffy, buttery pancakes drizzled in maple syrup…yummmmm. Remember how many times I’ve talked about pancake night here at the Miller’s and how it’s a total staple? Yea – that hasn’t happened in months. Sadly as part of our European transition I no longer have a griddle that works here and this new European electric stove and stainless steel pans aren’t cutting it for my pancake eating troop. But the good news is getting a griddle is high on our to do list and pancake night will reinstated!

However, our Krusteaz pancake mix has not gone to waste because we’ve been making it into pancake donuts! Seriously donuts made from pancakes so much fun and completely adorable! I thought this would be the perfect switch up to use for my feature on as part of the bakers dozen! And since XOXO day is right around the corner I spruced them up for Vday – check them out here!



  1. Toni, how fun!! Thanks for the idea.