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Today I have a quick little tutorial for you guys – how to rim glasses with sprinkles! As you guys know…I love to rim glasses with sprinkles in some of my dessert photography. It gives a cute little prop that easily coordinates with the shot. But of course they aren’t just for photography I love using simple sprinkle rims to spruce up party tables! Not to mention my kids will drink an entire glass of milk used for my prop just because there is sprinkles on it….even though they wouldn’t dare touch milk normally. It’s true…sprinkles make everything better.

IMG_6329 IMG_1794

Oh and of course paper straws are a must too! See how easily they make the shot/party/table more festive? You can change up the look with different sprinkle types and what you “glue” them on with.

IMG_2947 IMG_0769

Since I’ve been getting lots of questions about how to do this lately…I thought I’d share really quick how I do it. It’s super easy and fast.

First you’ll need something to dip your glass in and “glue” the sprinkles, something thick works best (and edible!). You can use water if you would like, it results in less sprinkles and sometimes the sprinkles slide or colors run. I like to stick with something thick so I can have lots of sprinkles and have them stay put!

Here’s a few I use:
Corn Syrup
Chocolate (Melted)
White Chocolate (Melted)


The glasses I often use on the blog are simply recycled Starbucks bottles! I had saved them several years ago and they’ve showed up at almost every party since you can’t beat free….or the iced coffee that came in them!


So gather up some sprinkles and your chosen “glue”. Just pour a little bit of your chosen liquid in a bowl, you don’t want it too deep. Make sure the base is wide enough to fit your glass rim.


Then place the glass straight down so just the rim has been covered. Pull straight back up, allow and excess to drip off while your holding it straight down.


Then dip into your bowl of sprinkles, and pull up.

And we’ll do one more in chocolate…



See how easy? Hope that helps some of you out! Now I have to go sprinkle some more rims for dinner…we’re having broccoli. ;)




  1. Love this! I have never tried it, but I’m pretty positive my girls would love it! And I absolutely LOVE your photos….always so colorful and pretty!!

  2. Toni, Your blog is pure eye candy, and It makes me happy! I am going to do this, FOR SURE!

  3. Why have I never thought to save my Starbucks bottles? GENIUS! I’m seriously buying like 3 4-packs the next time I go shopping just so I can 1) drink coffee 2) save the bottles!! GREAT IDEA!

  4. This is such a cute idea. And I almost had some adorable paper straws! So close! ;)

  5. Hi there, for the chocolate, do you use chocolate syrup or melted chocolate chips?

    • I use melting chocolate (such as Candiquick or Almond Bark) which melts to a nicer consistency then chocolate chips. Thick syrup will work however, make sure that you have let all the excess drip off the sprinkles may “run” with syrup.