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Purple People Eater Cake

When it comes to monsters there is only one one-eyed flying purple people eater, who we all totally love and adore despite his people eating tendencies. (Not to be confused with the one-eyed green monster, Mike, he and his furry purple buddy are not the people eating type.) How can we not love him I mean he plays in rock and roll band! Him and his catchy tune has been around since before most of us, so it was time to celebrate him with his very own cake. A Purple People eater cake!

Purple People Eater Cake

Speaking of his being around awhile, did you know since the original song came out in 1958 people have questioned which was purple the people he eats or the monster. The lack of hyphen in the song’s lyrics leaves us unsure. Think about it, purple-people eater VS. people-eater would have cleared things up. Have you ever thought about this? It’s really not clear! As I’m working on this cake this kinda boggled my brain and totally entertained me (yep it’s that easy). So I did a little polling on my Instagram story and turns out more then 70% of people thought he was purple. So many people responded to this fun little trivia I had to dig a little deeper. And the truth is it was never set in stone what color monster he was, but the writer implied in conversation that the monster was purple. He has always been portrayed purple in movies and illustrations as well! However, the truth lies in the lyrics. In the line “eating purple people and it sure is fine”. AH HA! There it is, the people were purple wether the writer meant it to be that way or not!

Are you questioning my sanity yet? Hey, you never know when you’ll need this info. Like the next time your eating a purple people eater cake. Which you TOTALLY need to make. Because it’s 1. SO EASY and 2. SO ADORABLE! This is the second cake in a series I’m working on with a new cookie cutter cake topper set from Sweet Sugarbelle. The first cake was the Unicorn Zombie Cake which you can find HERE. I really love this new set because it brings things I LOVE together so easily.

Purple People Eater Cake

First I made the cookie toppers using THIS rolled chocolate cookie recipe. The unicorn horn cutter made the perfect horn cutter for the monster horn and the fruit top cutter made the perfect wings for him. For the eye THIS donut cutter worked out perfectly, but any circle cutters will do of course. And then decorated the cookies in colored fondant using the original cake topper cutters (coming soon to Michaels!). Did you catch the sparkle, yes I made him SPARKLY! This is my FAV thing about this cake. I wanted to keep him simple but he needed something. I grabbed a few of my chunky sugar crystals from Sweets & Treats and started playing around. To get this result I rolled out my fondant how thick I wanted it, then sprinkled with the sugar crystals and then went over it again one more time with the rolling pin before cutting out all the shaped I needed. It created this really cool sparkly texture that I loved. It was so perfect on his eye and his horn!

From there it was pretty simple. I “glued” the cookies to lollipop sticks with extra royal icing. If you don’t have any laying around melting a little chocolate will do the trick just fine, even better really! Then I frosted the cake using a simple buttercream colored with Americolor Regal Purple and a little Wilton blue to deepen. Once the cake was frosted and smoothed I rimmed the bottom of the chilled cake in this Outer Space sprinkle mix. Was there ever a more fitting mix for a purple alien?

After that it was a matter of sticking my cookie pieces in the cake and glueing the eye on with extra buttercream. I then grabbed my leftover fondant and added some hair mouth and teeth.

Now the fun part, because this guy won’t be eating any purple people. We will be eating him! Muwhahahaha.

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