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Poison Apple Gum Balls for BHG!

Poison Apple Gum Balls

Can you guys believe Halloween is next weekend?! I mean didn’t stores just start putting out pumpkins like yesterday? Eek! This holiday has totally creeped up on me. Thank goodness grandma makes the girls costumes months in advance because outside of that, I have nothing prepared. And if you’re anything like me this year, I have a treat for you guys today! Something easy peasy and simple that you can whip up in a flash to share with the little goblins and ghouls, poison apples of course! These Poison Apple Gum Balls are the second of the treat tutorials I teamed up to make with Better Homes and Gardens this fall. They are so simple and fun to make. I’m thinking about dressing up as the Evil Queen and handing them out to kids this year…or maybe I’ve just been watching too much Once Upon A Time…

Head on over here and see just how easy you can make them too!



  1. Cool apples. Once Upon a Time is one of my favorite shows. I hopefully will never be forced to eat a poison apple, but I wouldn’t mine spending a few days in Storybrook.

    • Me either! I’m totally hook on the show now that we dropped cable due to never watching TV! Figures! Thank you Netflix!!

  2. Where are the directions for the “Poison Apple Bubble Gumballs” ???? Ive looked everywhere!!! These are soooooo cute!!! Please reply at my email…….than you!