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O-fish-ally Number 1 Dad Cupcakes!

O-Fish-Ally Number 1 Dad Cupcakes

I learned a little lesson this week, like no matter what mom says, sometimes there really aren’t many more fish in the sea. Sometimes there are only six fish in the sea.

Particularly, six little cupcake fish who found their time here in the ocean with chocolate bubbles would last no longer then one minute (give or take a few moments). Had I know this…maybe I would have snapped the camera a little faster. But sadly I did not, and the six cute little buttercream fish met their match with a white board reflector at the mercy of a five you old. Just like that. No more happily swimming amid chocolate bubbles.

Lesson 1: Hire assistants over the age of five.

Lesson 2: Back up cupcakes are always a good idea.

O-fish-ally Cupcakes

Lessons aside. The girls and I had fun making cupcakes together this week and dad got a special (squished) treat…AND I was able to play with a fun new tool from Sweet Elite, designed by the amazon Autumn Carpenter. Who by the way has a new book coming out that I can not wait to get my hands on next month shameless plug – go pre-order! Seriously, have you guys SEEN these letter and number embossers? Each letter snaps together so you can press clean words into fondant! I’m in love! I actually have a similar set of rubber stamps that I bought hoping to do the same thing with rubber bands years ago, it never worked. They always fell apart and lined up wonky, and always left marks where the edges of the stamps were. These, however, worked just perfect! They are so simple and easy to use and the words come out great! They are one of my favorite new tools!

Have a dad who loves fishing? Why not make him some cupcakes! You know, to let him know he’s o-fish-ally number 1 dad! And who doesn’t want a trophy that you can eat? These are super easy to make and only take a few simple cutters!

Here’s what you will need:
Red, Green, and Blue Buttercream
Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow Fondant
Candy Eyes
Wilton Tip #2A and #1M
Trophy Cutter

IMG_9807 IMG_9810

Step 1: Roll out fondant and cut out trophies.

IMG_9811 IMG_9814

Step 2: Use letter and number embossers to press wording into the fresh fondant.

IMG_9816 IMG_9817

Step 3: Roll and cut three hearts for each fish. A small heart for the lips and two larger hearts for the fins and tail. Cut the largest heart in half to make the fins. Let all the fondant set out to dry for 1-2 hours.

IMG_9820 IMG_9822

Step 4: Using a large round circle tip (Wilton 2A) pipe to small amounts of buttercream on the top and bottom of the cupcakes. This will act as glue to the fins. Place a fin on the bottom and top of the cupcake.

IMG_9823 IMG_9825

Step 5: Pipe rows of buttercream mounds until the fish has been covered. To do this simply point the tip in towards the front of the fish, apply pressure, then release and pull back. Continue until the fish is covered.

IMG_9830-2 IMG_9831

Step 6: Press the heart lips and tail onto the cupcake. Last add a little candy eye.

O-Fish-Ally Number 1 Dad Cupcakes

And BAM! There you have it. O-fish-ally the cutest Father’s day cupcakes!

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  1. Oh, I too have ruined so many food projects because my cardboard reflector fell over. I’m just happy for you that you were able to snap a shot before it happened. Your cupcakes are Oh-fishally amazing and I love the new tool .It’s on my must have list!

  2. Is it wrong to fall in love with a cupcake? Cause I’m totally swooning over those fishies!