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Lunch Time Play Date With Krusteaz Flatbread!

Lunch Time Playdate

Sometimes the life’s best moments come from the simplest of things! Recently things have been a little cray cray around here. Ok more like insane, when will I sleep crazy. All three girls started school, and the hubs has been away playing Army, and I’m pressing forward with the book. Despite all the chaos my girls are happily content – true Army brats for sure. However, I’ve been having some serious mommy guilt about not having enough time for just them recently. In addition I know it’s time to reach out of our little bubble and meet some friend from our neighborhood/school. We’ve been here a year and they hardly have any playmates, and they’ve been begging to have friends over.

This passed week I got the perfect chance to spend special time with them, meet some of their classmates/neighbors, and try out a fun new product that we LOVED! As I shared a few weeks ago, this year I am excited to be one Krusteaz Baker’s Dozen. The Krusteaz team recently sent us a cool package full of their new Flatbreads to review as well as a fun Krusteaz apron, timer, and pizza cutter – all the necessities to get your yummy on! I decided that I would take this chance to host a small and simple “Lunch Time” themed back to school play date for the girls where the kiddos could first play cafeteria worker and make their own Flatbread pizza, and then go through the “lunch line” and enjoy some goodies as well! Let’s face it, pizza day is about the only day that kiddos get excited for school lunch. If only they served them on these Flatbreads!

For this event I made one of each of their new Flatbread types – Garlic & Onion, Italian Herb, and Whole Wheat. I decided to pre bake the Flatbreads before the event, because kids and pizza sauce was about all I could handle for the day! The only thing I regret is making them several hours before, because my house smelled AMAZING and I wanted to eat them all day. But to be honest, the next time I’ll let my kiddos help with the dough as well. I could not believe how easy it was to work with! I normally dread handling pizza dough of any type, but I whipped out 24 mini pizza crusts in no time flat. With a few simple ingredients and just a few moments the dough was ready to go. I broke each one into 8 small pieces and rolled them out as personal circles for them each to top. I was really surprised I could get out 8 small pizzas from each box.

Lunch Time Playdate

Once I had the crusts baked and making me hungry, I went on to setup a quick little cafeteria. I made a simple little Menu Board, “Lunch Time” Banner, and little sacks of “lunch money” aka chocolate coins. I really wanted to keep this play date simple but fun, and I knew much of the excitement would be in making their own pizzas. I had to remind myself this is just a play date and not a birthday party! I only had 1000(x10) school ideas I wanted to use. Most of the items I used came from my own home, or the Dollar Tree. The peas & carrots were green Sixlets and Orange covered licorice found at Party City. The little paper milk cartons were found at Micheals and stuffed with crayons for the kiddos. The red lunch trays were a total score from Target two for $1.79!

Lunch Time Playdate

Here is one of the kiddos very own pizza creations! Krusteaz has many yummy recipe combinations available to try with their Flatbread (I can’t wait to try them!) But I decided that since we were serving little ones it was best to stick to tradition pizza toppings. The kiddos we’re thrilled to get to make up their own little flatbreads. I really wanted to snap pictures of them making pizzas but let’s just say I underestimated the power of 4 year olds with pizza sauce and bowls of cheese. I think 10% of the cheese went on the pizza, and the other 90% went straight to their bellies! After they were covered in pizza toppings I placed them back in the oven until the cheese was melted.

The kiddos loved the pizzas, I’m happy to report they begged for the leftovers for dinner the next night. After the kiddos were done making a mess, I mean pizza, I topped the rest of the crusts for the parents and while they played with their friends we ate way too much pizza. Everybody that tried them couldn’t believe how much they loved the flatbread crust, it really does make such a difference! If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the Garlic & Onion. Heck I don’t even need the toppings, I’d be happy just to cut it up and snack on it as flat bread sticks! YUM!

Lunch Time Playdate

Seriously how cute are these little trays, takes me right back to grade school!

How would you like to try out the new Krusteaz Flatbreads? Maybe even host a little “lunch time” party for yourself? The awesome folks over at Krusteaz have offered to send one of you your very own Flatbread Kit just like I recieved!

The kit will include: Italian Herb Flatbread (2), Whole Wheat Flatbread (2), Garlic & Onion Flatbread (2), recipe cards and Krusteaz Kitchen Accessories: a branded apron, kitchen timer and a handy pizza cutter.

You can enter by using the Rafflecopter below. Contest is open to US Entries only please. Winner will be chosen at random on Friday, September 26th, 2014. Winner will be notified by email and must respond within 48 hours to claim prize or additional winner will be chosen.

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Lunch Time Playdate Lunch Time Playdate

If you simply can’t wait to try these out (I can’t blame ya!) you will be able to find these starting this month at most chain grocery stores for around $2.59 a box! To get you started check out these recipe ideas here. I can’t wait to stock up – I foresee many Flatbreads in our future. So easy, so yummy!



  1. What an adorable play date lunch Buffett! Love the peas & carrots! Can’t wait to try the Krusteaz flatbreads. I think the garlic & onion would be my favorite, too. Thanks for sharing this lunch idea!

  2. What an awesome idea. I think i will use it for my daughters upcoming birthday!

  3. SUCH a cute and creative play date!!! Oh my goodness — I love those little trays and the peas and carrots! So fun!

  4. Sandy Headtke says:

    Garlic and Onion would be my first choice.

  5. I’d make the Garlic and Onion one, so long as it isn’t too onion-y. Otherwise I would want a ranch type flavor.

  6. I would love to try the Italian herb with spinach and pepperoni

  7. Whole Wheat

  8. Denise Friedlander says:

    These look so yummy! Thanks!

  9. I would try the onion and garlic first!

  10. The garlic and onion would be the first one I would try. It looks good enough to eat by itself. I think I would try to make pigs in a blanket with it.