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Like Button Cookies

Gosh guys. Somehow I let an entire month pass by without a single blog post! It’s not that I haven’t been baking – I’ve been doing tons of that. I just haven’t had the time to sit down and actually write out a blog post. Not only did all things back to school mix things up around here we took a last minute 10 day trip to London. Because as if back to school isn’t crazy enough…why not just leave the country too right? Ha! Clearly we embrace the chaos around here. Hopefully you’ve been able to follow along on Instagram or Facebook! But I’ve missed you guys and my sweet spot here. I am SO happy to tell you I will be bringing lots of catch up posts in the near future.

For today, let’s keep it short and sweet with a post you guys are really gonna LIKE. I mean really LIKE! Like button cookies!

Like Button Cookie

You guys know I like Instagram. Like not just like but like like. (That’s right I’m going to cram them in there like a 90’s teen in the locker room) It’s my FAV social media. For me it’s the easiest and most fun way to connect with all of you! I mean you ARE on Instagram right? You are following me so we can be friends forever right? (Circle YES or NO) I mean don’t make me play mash to find out!

Whoa. High school flashbacks. Where was I? Oh yea, Instagram, and like button cookies. So one day playing around I decide I had to make like button cookies. Literally sometimes that’s how my brain works. I have an idea and I just go with it. I had zero reason to make these cookies – other then I knew you guys would like them. (Do you see what I did there? Eh? Eh?) I wasn’t even going to post them here as they were THAT easy. But I has so many people asking about how I did the heart and number so smoothly. So let me let you in on a little, like, secret. The number and hearts are fondant people!

Like Button Cookie

Yep it’s true. I’ve been playing around with fondant and royal icing cookie combos something I rarely ever (like never) see people do. And I love like it so much! It made these cookies so easy quick, and seamless. First I started with cutting a rectangle from Sweet Sugarbelle’s rectangle cutters then adding a small triangle before baking. The natural slight rise of the cookies gave it the button the perfect rounded edges, just slightly. Then I frosted them with a 20 second royal icing. ONE icing color for a set of cookies? SCORE. Now that’s something to LIKE. I let them set over night to dry then I just took a little white fondant and cut out some 1s (Ateco numbers cutters) and hearts (Wilton stacking hearts) and pasted them on with a tiny bit of corn syrup and a food sake paint brush. SO easy guys. SO easy.

I really like this cookies, like really.

If you’ve read that post and you DON’T want to hate me (but maybe want to watch mean girls) we’re going to be friends forever. Cheers!