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Lemon Truffles Waffle

Recently we bought a waffle maker and the whole family is pretty excited. I know crazy us right? A waffle maker I mean whew – are we exciting…this is where we are after four kids picking waffle makers on the weekend. I know, I know, we’re out of control.

Lemon Truffle Waffles

But in all seriousness we haven’t had a waffle iron in years, I try to keep the little appliances at a minimum because seriously is it just me or does cupboard space disappear. I mean when you’re picking out the house it’s like wow look at all this kitchen space. Then mysteriously once you move in the cabinets stops at the pots and pans and you don’t even want to see where the tupperware are, but hey, that’s a different blog post. So I try to keep the kitchen gadgets to the must haves. However, as I have said many times we are frequent breakfast for dinner kind of people and with the new baby in the house it might be even more common these days. So we’ve been switching it up by making waffles. Man, I was so wrong, we totally need a waffle maker! Crunchy, warm, sweet – YUM! Chocolate, blueberry, strawberry…and lemon truffle! Warm lemon waffles with white chocolate chips mixed is new favorite! So I thought they would be the perfect recipe for this month’s Baker’s Dozen recipe on They are perfect for spring, an Easter breakfast for sure! You can find the recipe over here. Enjoy!