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I’m so excited that Make Bake Celebrate’s new site is here, and now I think it’s time to CELEBRATE! I thought it would be fun to kick things off with a little party game, a “Bakers Hunt” if you will. Of course, there will be some sweet prizes! Over the next few days you guys will have the chance to win some of my very favorite baking items from a few fabulous sponsors!! You in?

Here’s how it’s going to work. Once a day for the next 4 days (at random times) I’m going to hide a cute little baking graphic in one random photo, on one random post within MBC. Right after I hide the graphic on a photo I will post a Facebook Status to let you know the hunt is on and what your looking for! All you have to do is go to the site and try to find the same graphic “hidden” on a photo. Then quickly head back to the same Facebook status and be the first to comment with the post title (in which the graphic is hiding)…and you win!

That’s it! I post the graphic then you find it and report back with the title as quickly as you can. Sound like fun?!

4 Days – 4 Graphics – 4 Prizes – 4 Winners

Are you guys ready to see what sweet prizes I have in store for you?

Day 1

We will kick off with a $25.00 store credit to Sweets and Treats Boutique! You guys know how much I just LOVE their greaseproof premium wrappers…wouldn’t you love to win some of your own? Or maybe some of those new chevron straws? What would you pick?!


_0093_solid-pink-cupcake-liners-baking-cups-l _0059_solid-lime-green-cupcake-liners-l _0018_solid-orange-cupcake-liners-l

Day 2

We’ll be giving away a one dozen white cake pop stand from KC Bakes!! I just received mine and I can’t wait to blog about it. It is just so helpful and well made – they are definitely a must for any baker making treats on a stick! Trust me, you’ll love it! They have several different sizes and even holders made for push pops! I’m already wanting more!


6121536_orig 4464054_orig 9036368_orig

Day 3

(TODAY!!) We’ll be giving away 4 rolls of bakers twine from none other then The Twinery! I’m slightly addicted to bakers twine and there is simply no better place to get it! They have such a great collection of colors…and have you guys seen their new metallic twine?!?! Word has is they are getting a new line of solid twine!!


Peapod-2 Marigold-2 Pink_Sorbet

Day 4

The very last day I’ll be giving away a little prize pack of my own! You’re just gonna have to wait to see…but it’s pretty sweet. ;)


So don’t forget….all you have to do is wait till you see me post one of these graphics on FaceBook each day! If you are the first to find the graphic and comment with the title of the post you win! So make sure you’re following Make Bake Celebrate’s Facebook page so you can join in on the fun! If you want to increase your chances of seeing the post, while visiting MBC’s Facebook page, hover over the “like button”, and click “show in news feed”.And remember…it’s a party – so share it with a friend!


The very first graphic will be posted later this afternoon!

A HUGE thank you to our generous sponsors who are helping us celebrate! Good luck everybody! Have FUN!



  1. LibbyCakes says:

    So excited for you! And excited for the contest as well!!!!!

  2. Maria in NJ says:

    I’m in… sounds like fun!!

  3. Super fun contest. I’m in


  4. Bonnie Isabelle says:

    Sounds like fun. I’ll give it a go.