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Since I starting baking I’ve learned there are 4 important things to making a treat look just as good as it tastes. Method, organization, proper supplies, and good tools. When you’ve got a good handle on those things…you can really conquer just about any treat! One once you’ve got one down…each additional treat gets easier and easier. With that said…I really love to share products that I love, so hopefully it will help you guys out too. Today I’m really excited to be sharing with you a cake pop stand from none other then KC Bakes.


KC Bakes creates all sorts of high quality wooden cake pop stands. The company is run by Kim and Jim, a father daughter combo. Kim came up with the idea and Jim brought it to life…adorable right? The carry many different sizes from Skinny Mini (6 pops) to Mega (50 pops). They also carry push pop stands and can even customize a paint job for you…pretty sweet right?!


Is it just me or is anybody else picturing these two little owls flying around creating cake pops? Although these little guys are cute…you can find out a litle more about the real Kim and Jim on their site.

You guys know I make a lot of treats on a stick, they are just so kid friendly and so darn cute! As much as I love making them I can’t stand finding ways to prop them up to photograph or display at a party. Much like Kim, I can’t stand using styrofoam. It’s expensive, it’s messy, and it doesn’t even work that well some times. Before I received my stand from KC bakes I tried several cheap version bought from the store and I wasn’t happy there either. Neither one worked very well and often they are disposable…making them really expensive when you dip things in chocolate as much as I do, heh. Eventually I purchased a large back of corn kernels and put them in a bucket…that’s how I had been propping them up. It works…but I can’t promise you they will always stay where you put them. I would have to strategically arrange them and even then sometimes I would have them slip and fall…messing up the chocolate completely!

Working with a KC Bakes cake pop stand was amazing! I seriously just love it. The stand is SO nice…and it worked so well. It made the entire process so much better…which in the end…made my treats better! The only thing I regret….is not buying two! So are you guys ready to take a closer look?


This is a “mini” cake pop stand, it hold 12 cake pops. You can see the other sizes available on their site. I actually really love this mini and plan on buying another. My personal preference is to have two 12 pop stand instead of one 24 pop stand. That’s because I can easily place them together when needed or use one at a time. Incase I just need 12 or I would like to have two different treats displayed at a party.


Here’s a close up of the stand. The holes are spaced 2 inches a part…which I found perfect. Even when I made large pops with it there was plenty of room. I’m going to be honest…because these are made by hand I kind of expected them to be spaced a bit off or something. Nope these guys were dead on…not only aligned but the depth of the hole was all the same too.


One of the problems I had with other cake pop stand was that the holes were open so the cake pops could slide through and rest on the bottom. Which meant the cake pops could often lean and you can’t transport them at all. These cake pop stands have closed bottoms so the cake pop is much more sturdy and there’s no leaning!


There is also four rubber legs on the bottom to keep it from sliding around, genius! Along with a cute little logo.


Here’s a shot of it in action while I’m whipping up some birthday cake cake pops for my little girls…who turned three today! :) (happy birthday girls!)

Something I really love about these stands is how versatile they are. Each stand comes with 2 coats of a protective finish, so not only do they look good they are going to hold up. They of course can be used for making cake pops (or any other treat on a stick) but they are nice enough to also serve the cake pops. For me…they will also serve as a photography tool! Love it. One tool – three purposes!

You might be wondering about what happens if you get it messy while making the cake pops. Just wait for the chocolate to harden then scrap right off! If needed you can wipe them with a cloth and it’s good as new. Just don’t submerge them in water, they are real wood…and may swell.

Also, be sure you are following KC Bakes on Facebook. Along with providing custom cake pop stands to their clients they also have several tutorial on their site, and even a new cake pop rental system for those of you who sell cake pops! As well as a blog full of stick treat fun. Just a few weeks ago Kim shared a link on Facebook about how to stretch your chocolate. It was one of those oh my gosh why did I never think of that moments! I use to either melt too little chocolate or too much that ended up a waste. I finally tried it today!

Just pour your extra melted chocolate onto wax paper and thin out. I placed it on a cookie sheet so I could stick it in the freezer and speed up the process.


Either leave it out to get hard again or stick it in the freezer.


Then just break it up and stick it in a bag for later! I even re-melted this one twice…worked just as well.


I can’t believe I never thought of that! You can find her full post here.

I just wanted to show you guys how the cake pops looked finished and displayed in a stand. Doesn’t it look nice? I will defiently be displaying desserts in this a lot. But you can also decorate the stand by adding some temporary washi tape or ribbon. Or you can still use the stand for it’s purpose but hide it under some decorations.


Here I placed it in a wooden box from Target’s 1 spot and filled it with some paper easter grass from the Easter section at Wal-Mart. So easy and so cute.


Such a great product and such a great company! Kim is a total sweetheart and has been awesome to work with. I’m so glad I finally decided to try one out…now I can’t wait to make more pops with it! Also, if you haven’t been following along with our site launch party and bakers hunt…KC Bakes is so generously giving away a white mini cake pop stand, to one of you! Very soon I’ll be posting a cake pop graphic on our page…and all your have to do is find it on a photo within MBC. All you have to do is report back first to the status on MBC’s Facebook.

If your wondering about these cute little birthday cake cake pops…check back in tomorrow for a full tutorial. I made these and another version that I will be sharing here on MBC.




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