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Ice Cream Week Recap!

Sadly, Ice Cream Week is over but hey, we have lots of new ice cream flavors to cheer you up! Plus I have many more cool treats to share with you guys this summer! Just incase you you missed out on all the fun last week or need a little catching up I have a little recap for you guys of all 7 fun flavors I shared this week! All super easy and no machine needed!

Cherry Pie Ice Cream

1. Cherry Pie Ice Cream – The perfect summer treat! Creamy vanilla ice cream with cherry pie filling and pie crust bits swirled in!

Cotton Candy Ice Cream IMG_5839-5

2. Cotton Candy Ice Cream – A favorite summer flavor for kiddos 1-99!

3. Chocolate Cookie Dough – One of my personal favorites, chocolate ice cream with cookie dough bites swirled inside!

Bubble Gum Ice Cream

4. Bubble Gum Ice Cream – You might just be surprised and how much even the adults like this one, it won’t burst your bubble!

Cake Batter Ice Cream S'mores Ice Cream

5. Cake Batter Ice Cream – You just can’t beat vanilla ice cream with bits of birthday cake and sprinkles, lots of sprinkles!

6. S’mores Ice Cream – Chocolate, graham cracker, and marshamallow…always, always a win!


7. Brownie Batter Bits Ice Cream – Super rich and yummy chocolate ice cream with hard chocolate swirls and bits of brownie batter! YUM!

So let’s hear it, which flavor are you dying to make?!



  1. Shark week vs ice cream week……I don’t know which I like better!

    • Well sharks don’t taste near as good as cookie dough…or cherry pie…or pistachio…sooooo that solves that!

  2. Jenny Rod says:

    This is the best ice cream I’ve ever ate! I love your creative ideas!