Ho Ho Ho-liday sweets!

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Happy Pill Cookies

Happy Pill Cookies

What did the cookie dough say to the cutter?

Cut it out, you don’t impress me much!

(Bonus points if you know what 90’s song that makes me sing!)

Admit it. It had you rolling…right? You obviously live for my punny jokes. :) I mean why do I even have a blog. Really I should go into writing comedy or like greeting cards for something. You’re right…I wouldn’t last a day. They would laugh me right out of the office. In a bad way. But hey they WOULD be laughing!

And laughing and smiling is what I’m here for folks, and if that punny didn’t work for you I have cookies that will do just the trick. Happy pill cookies! I mean cookies/happy it’s basically the same word right? You add in some amazing sprinkles and you’re gonna get a contact happy just from being around them!

Happy Pill Cookies

I’ve been having so much fun playing with fondant cookies lately. They are really so under appreciated. They are really so much fun to make and SO easy. (I love you royal icing but sometimes you’re a pain in the you know what) While I was playing around in my cookie cutter stash, I mean organizing…my cookie stash. I came across this O cutter and remember I had been wanting to make happy cookies covered in sprinkles. Then as I was wrapping up my organizing I remembered my fav fondant letter set from Sweet Elite would make the perfect imprint on the cookies!! I could barely stand the cuteness and I got started right away. My color inspiration was this Unicorn Cake sprinkle mix from Sweets & Treats. I’ve been dying to use it! But wait I was missing something! A quick little chat with graphic magician Design Eat Repeat and BAM we have the CUTEST happy pill cookie printables! So now you can not only make these cute little guys, you can make a whole bunch and package them up to share the happiness! So much fun. Head on over HERE and check out Design Eat Repeats post and grab the printable for yourself. But be warned you just may get lost in her awesomesauce! Then come back and see how you can easily make these cookies your self.

Happy Pill Cookies

Click on over…I’ll wait!

Got your printable? Good. Let’s make cookies!

Happy Pill Cookies

Here’s what your going to need:

rolled sugar cookie dough
O cookie cutter(s)
snap together letter emboss set
fondant rolling pin
fondant + food coloring
corn syrup
food safe paint brush

Step 1: First you will need to bake your cookies. I used my recipe and method here. Any rolled sugar cookie of your liking will work. But I like to use one that doesn’t change shape too much. You can bake them all one size like I did and make some smaller ones to go with. If your cutter has a middle cutout leave it in and bake them with! I used my recipe here.

Happy Pill Cookies

Step 2: Color your fondant however you would like. Roll out the fondant and cut pill shapes using the same O cutter(s) you used for the cookies. If your center piece on the cutter goes all the way through don’t worry! Gently take your finger and press the center piece pushing it ever so slightly against the outer O. It will stick back together and leave the subtle lines. For all one color pills simply use a knife to gently press a line at the half way mark on the cookies. For two color cookies cut each O in half. While doing these steps try not to move the actual fondant Os as little as possible or you may bend them out of shape. Let the fondant set for about 20 minutes before putting them on the cookies.

Happy Pill Cookies

Step 3: To apply them to the cookies brush a very thin amount of corn syrup on your bare cookies then place the fondant cutouts right on top. At this point you can take your Sweet Elite letter set and press it in to form the word HAPPY. (or CHILL!) I only put HAPPY on about half of the cookies leaving the others blank for sprinkles. On the little cookies I simply put H like a pill would have.

Step 4: Once all of your cookies are covered in fondant it’s time for the sprinkles! Chose the side you would like to cover in sprinkles and very gently brush a very thin layer of corn syrup on the fondant you would like to cover. Then holding the cookies over a bowl pour sprinkles on them and shake off the extra.

Happy Pill Cookies

NOTE! Store the cookies lightly covered in a plastic wrap for the first night. After that you can cover them in a sealed container. Otherwise the fresh fondant may gather moisture and get soggy.

And now you’ve got all sorts of HAPPY pills to keep you, well HAPPY!