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Fondant Lime Tutorial

Fondant Lime Topper Tutorial

A few days ago I shared with you guys a fun new Lime Dream Cake recipe. Be sure to check that out first, here. For the record, there was no need for egagerations on this cake…I seriously loved it. Seriously, make it! Aside from it’s crazy deliciousness I had so much fun making the fondant limes I decorated it with, which I promised to come back and share. So here I am! Today I’m showing you how to make those crazy cute little limes. In the above photo you may say wait a minute that’s not a cake. Why yes Mr. Detective that’s not a cake! Those are lime cupcakes. I like my treats to be versatile. So I baked up some cupcakes using the same Lime Dream Cake recipe and once frosted topped those babies in a little green sanding sugar. The limes are just as cute on cupcakes as well! So wether your wanting a full on party cake, or some cupcakes to go…both the recipe and toppers work perfect.

If your wanting to turn the Lime Dream Cake into cupcakes as well, I used the Snow Cone method I shared here to decorate them. Since I didn’t need as high of a round frosting I used a smaller #2 scoop instead.

Fondant Lime Topper Tutorial

I mean seriously guys…aren’t these SO cute. Let’s make these guys EVEN MORE VERSATILE! Swap out the greens for yellows and guess what..you’ve got lemons! Swap out the greens for yellow and pink and you’ve got grapefruit! I can see lots of uses for these this summer.

Here’s what your going to need:
light green fondant
bright green fondant
white fondant
nesting circle cutters
small triangle cutters
fondant rolling pin with guides
cutting tool(s)
parchment paper (or wax paper)

Fondant Lime Topper Tutorial

To get these awesome greens I used Wilton’s new (ish) color right system. This was the first time using it and I have to say – love it! So much less mess and the color formulas are right there at your finger tips. I used a ration of 1 blue/7 yellow for these greens.

Fondant Lime Topper Tutorial

Let’s talk tools. These are the tools I used, but remember like always that you can look around for what you own that is similar. The best part is pretty much all of these can be purchased at your local Walmart in the cake decorating section, and they are all inexpensive. If not your local crafting store will have them for sure. Two of the most important items is netting circle cutters and a guided fondant rolling pin. If you don’t have a guided rolling pin you can get the same effect by laying two rulers or similar “guides” on each side of the dough while rolling it out to get the same thickness each time.

Fondant Lime Topper Tutorial

Step 1: On parchment paper, roll out and cut equal number of bright green circles and white circles. I used a few different sizes to get a variety but the main circle I used was 2in. If your fondant is still really soft from coloring let the circles sit for 5-15 minutes until it’s stiffened up just enough that you won’t be pulling the circles out of shape when cutting/moving.

Step 2: Use the same cutter you cut the white circles out with to cut a hole inside the larger bright green circle, you will now have a rim. Place the white fondant circle inside of the green rim. Now place the larger cutter around the outside again and take your finger and press the white circle towards the green circle gently, just to marry the two together. Go around the circle and gently marry all the white and green together then remove the larger cookie cutter. The cutter helps keep the circle in shape while your pushing the fondant together!

Step 3: Roll out the light green fondant color. You can either use your cutting tools to gently make lines in the fondant before cutting, or make the lines after placing the triangles. Take a small triangle cutter and cut out triangles from the white circle two at a time, across from each other. Then cut out two light green triangles and fill the holes in the white. Mark the green triangles with lines using your cutting tool if you haven’t already done so. The reason I do it two at a time across from each other is to keep the white fondant from tearing or bending out of shape as it becomes fragile and thin.

4: Once again place the large round cookie cutter on the outside of the fondant topper. Gently press around the triangles to marry them together with the white. Cut some toppers into smaller pieces or halves if you would like.

TOPPER TIP: Remember that fondant softens with moisture. It’s best to let the fondant toppers sit out a few hours to harder before using them. Place the fondant toppers on the buttercream just a few hours before serving, or you could risk you toppers going soggy.

That’s it! Your all done and ready to kick back and have a fiesta!