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Disney Princess Birthday Luncheon!


Recently, I shared with you that my twin girls Miley and Bailey turned 3! Although I’m still totally in shock and can’t even believe we made it to 3…I did manage to put together a little birthday luncheon to celebrate!

When it came to picking a theme…there wasn’t even an option. My girls are princess crazy, let’s be real, they are obsessed. They eat, sleep, and breath princess, – it’s insane. Our recent trip to Disney World probably did not help the case any. They made it very clear their party had to be princess, but not just princess….Disney princess. Although character parties are a bit out of my comfort zone, not to disappoint my girls, I set out to create them a little princess party, allowing myself to still be a bit creative and use their beloved Disney princesses at the same time. Our girls had so much fun at Disney World I wanted to recreate some of the highlights of their favorite princess filled moments right at home with their friends! From dressing up, eating at the castle, to decorating their own cupcakes!

I started with this line of store bought Disney princess items and just started getting creative with it. The flowers and garden type feel were perfect for a luncheon in the castle garden! My type A really struggled with how to use store bought princess items while keeping it clean and pretty. Not to mention following vacation and site launch, I only had about 2 days to pull it all together. But in the end I have to admit…I love how it came out. And my princesses, absolutely loved every glitter filled moment.


The best part about using this theme was that I could use items we already had right at home! To kick off the party I set up a little Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique inspired dress up station in their play room! I filled their little store stand with all kinds of Disney princess goodies. Necklaces, nail polish, lip gloss, rings, and even tiaras! Daddy just built this new dress up station for them, and it worked perfect to set out dresses and shoes for the girls to pick from just incase they didn’t bring their own. :)





After the girls were sparkling and ready to go they headed down stairs to the “castle garden” for a royal luncheon where I had set up some tables, a kiddo sized dessert table, and a favor station with a faux castle wall in the background. Easily made from foam poster boards and paper! The coordinating banner and signs were whipped up on a flash by my awesome friend Angela at Hello, Cuteness!



For the tables I mixed in a few princess items with a few solid party items, then added a few touches like the little silverware gems and plain cotton runners/chair decorations. I think they came together pretty well for a clean yet princess filled setting fit for little royals! The tables were also recently built by the hubs, and I couldn’t wait to use them for this party!

IMG_8579 IMG_8569

IMG_8592 IMG_8787


Once the girls sat down we served them a simple and kiddo friendly lunch, featuring my girls favorites! The tiny dessert table displayed a few simple treats: cotton candy meringues, wand cake pops, and white chocolate raspberry fudge.

IMG_8630 IMG_8635


I just love how the cake came out! I kept it pretty simple by mimicking my “castle wall” and adding some tiny little princesses on top! It took everything in me to use plastic princesses on the cake! But in the end I think it was the best option :).


There was no shortage on favor ideas! You can pick up small Disney princess items just about anywhere! I chose these buckets then filled them with an assortment of princess items. The girls also took home a princess bubble wand, puzzle, gloves, and their jewelry. As well as a bag full of princess goodies from the piñata!

IMG_8725 IMG_9233


The princesses were also able to decorate their very own cupcake. This is something the girls did at Cinderella’s castle and it was a highlight of their trip! (making mama proud!) I set out cupcakes and sprinkles on little paint trays as well as a easy cupcake topper assembled from paper plates and paper straws! The cupcakes were followed by magical wand making!

IMG_8825-2 IMG_8818

IMG_8812 IMG_8828-2




Ready for a few shots of the princesses enjoying their luncheon?

Here are the royal guests of honor, the birthday girls themselves!

IMG_8884 IMG_8545

Enjoying lunch and company!


IMG_9025 IMG_8916



I also took photos of each girl to give to their moms!

IMG_9101 IMG_9166

IMG_9119 IMG_9122



The party was a sparkling success! The princesses had a great time. I think this is one day my girls will be talking about for quite some time…and I know I’ll be scrubbing glitter out of my living room for just as long!



  1. Ainscia says:

    Adoraaaable , this is a reallly sweet party !! I cant wait till i have girls :- )

    How did you create the background castle or may i ask where you purchased it. Thankss

    • Hi! The castle wall was pink foam poster boards purchased from Michael’s simply joined together at the seams with packing tape. Then I used two shades of pink card stock paper cut which I cut up in squares to make the castle “bricks”. Hope that helps!

  2. Hi Miss Toni!

    What a success! Looks like the perfect princess party! I just want you to know that my hoodie offer still stands–no need to blog about it, just glad to serve!


  3. I love this! It’s exactly what I’m going for for my little girls 3rd birthday. The overly themed look kills me. This is a PERFECT compromise! Now that I’ve buttered you up ;) I’m hoping you’ll help me out with a few questions!

    -What did you use to tie back the fabric on the chairs? The little circle princess things… what are they and where from?

    -What did you use to place the desserts on next to the cake? It looks like little princess octagon shaped boxes?

    -Where did you get the plain scalloped edge pink plates and purple cups?

    Sorry for the overload, I’m just obsessed and trying to recreate :) Thank you!!!


    • Sorry for the delay! I hope this still helps..

      -they came from Walmart in the party section! They were actually paper fans that I used the center from!
      -the boxes were actually the bottom of the party favor boxes from Walmart as well.
      -the pink plates and purple cups came from party city.

      I hope that helps! Basically I went to Walmart and picked up regular party supplies then used them however I could to recreate some different pieces!

  4. You have clearly gone through incredible trouble right to the finest detail. It is a stunning party! Since I love every little detail I cannot even make mention of my favorite – just gorgeous!

  5. Dorothy says:

    Super! Super! Super cute!!!

  6. Cecilia caramelo says:

    Where you you got all The favors and decorativos. My grandaughter wants a princess party. And, I love all your decorations. Thank you.

  7. Love this! Where did you buy the paint trays for the cupcakes?


  8. Frances says:

    So cute! Where did you get the gloves? I’m having a princess party for my 4yr old and need 12 sets!

  9. This party is super cute! Can you tell me where you found the paint trays?

  10. Mia Sanchez says:

    Simply gorgeous!!

  11. Brenda Tai See says:

    Very cute, I love how creative you are and all the details. Thank you for sharing!

  12. This is such a cute party. My daughter wants an art party and the cupcake trays would be perfect. Can you tell me where you found those?

  13. Kate lloyd says:

    Hi i love the chair tieback where our these from please x

    • Just a silly little piece taken from some princess hanging decorations found at walmart added to a little fabric. :)

  14. Wow! You did a fantastic job. Loved everything!

  15. Mishelle says:

    Your party was adorable! Where did you find the stand that all of your party favors were on? It sort of resembles a lemonade stand, but I am in need of something similar for my daughter’s princess party! Thanks

  16. Just happened on your blog and wanted to know where you got the table and chairs??

  17. Marly Hartman says:

    Gorgeous party!!!! Did you make.or buy the cake?

  18. Hey!

    You did such a great job! I especially loved how you did the decorate your own cupcake. Which princess did the girls want to be the most?

    • Glad to be of help! Honestly, I think we have a pretty wide range of princess lovers but I believe there were several bells in attendance!

  19. Do you have a recipe for the fudge? I’ve been dying to give it a try and this fudge looks amazing

  20. Ok so it’s almost been 2 years since you posted this but I stumbled upon it through Pinterest and I’m so impressed and in awe that I couldn’t resist commenting! This is seriously the cutest party I’ve ever seen! I’m throwing a joint bday party for my 3 yr old boy and 1 yr old girl (whose bday is TODAY!) and I’ve looked at a lot of parties for inspiration but this one tops them all! WONDERFUL WORK! :)