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Cupcake Stand Giveaway!

So. How are you guys today, good? Me too. I’ve got a giveaway for you today. Yep.

Ok, I can’t play it cool, I AM SO EXCITED!!! I know, I know, I say it all the time. But I’m really excited today. Because today not only am I giving you a sneak peak of one of the cupcakes in the upcoming MBC Book Cupcakery, I’m giving you guys the VERY FIRST look at a BRAND NEW product!…Oh, and the product was CUSTOM DESIGNED for Cupcakery!

Ok, I’ll chill it out with the capitals but it’s going to take a lot to contain this excitement. Let’s back up just a bit before we get to the good stuff. Earlier this fall I was getting my daily hourly intake of Instagram when I came across a post by one of our sweet sponsors Cake Pop Stand Co. featuring a 3-tier cake pop stand. At the time I was styling and baking recipes within the book. I saw this 3-tier cake pop stand and DING cupcakes were done…oh and I had an idea. I needed one of these stands, but not for cake pops…for cupcakes! I had the perfect plan in mind. Muwhahahaha.

I contacted the sweet Janine of Cake Pop Stand Co. (Remember this super sweet stand she made for MBC?) and she was more then happy to accept the challenge. Fast forward a few weeks and I open my package from Cake Pop Stand Co. to say the least my expectations were uh, exceeded.

Ready to see it? And see the first released image in Cupcakery?

Wait for it…

Wait for it…

Keep scrolling…

And scrolling…



You guys, I am IN LOVE with this stand. First, how perfect is it for these football themed cupcakes! I just couldn’t help but turn it into a little stadium! You’re going to have to wait for book release for the recipe though. ;) I. Can’t. Wait. (Psst. Get your rugby stripe cupcake liners here.)

But let’s talk stand…


What blew me away the moment I opened the package was the fact that it was in pieces! Yep, this baby stores completely flat! I mean have you seen my studio, the last thing I need is another large stand to shove nicely organize in my studio. It comes in just a few flat pieces that are really easy to assemble when needed. Seriously like 5 seconds.

Once I overcame my holy-cow-this-folds-flat excitement I then realized that there were cavities for the cupcakes to actually sit in! Ohhhh my goodness, expectations blown away right there. When I asked for this cupcake stand, I assumed she would simply adjust the measurements, and then just skip the holes for cake pops. Nope, she actually created little cavities to sit the cupcakes right in. Keeping them secure and evenly spaced. How’s that for a display, eh?


Just to give you a better idea of how this thing works…first you just insert the middle pieces in the side pieces. Then you just add the three top pieces.


And tada! Your new cake stand is ready to go! I can’t wait to get more of these stands!

Speaking of more stands…as I said before I have a giveaway for you. Cake Pop Stand Co. would like to giveaway one of these stands to a lucky MBC reader!!! But don’t worry. Even if you’re not the lucky one, or if you have to have one right this minute – they are available in her shop! Head on over here to purchase!

Simply enter below using the Rafflecopter, the giveaway will end and the winner will be picked at random at 12:01AM on January 15th. You can enter by visiting one of our Facebook fan pages, following us on Instagram, or leave a comment below letting me know how you would put your stand to use. Good luck guys!

a Rafflecopter giveaway



  1. Beautiful photos as always, Toni. I can’t wait to see your new book! It will be so great to be able to get my Make Bake Celebrate fix without having to boot up my laptop.

    Thank you for hosting the giveaway. Good luck to everyone who enters!

  2. Sweetsugarbelle says:

    I’d have to start making cupcakes for the kiddo’s parties! Can’t wait for your book!

    • I think the next stand we design at Cake Pop Stand Co. needs to be a cookie pop stand to show off your beautiful works of are, Callye!

  3. I love this stand and would use it for a cupcake display.

  4. Constance W. says:

    I would use this stand for my jumbo hotcocoa mug marshmallow pops. I created and shared on Instagram (@constance.can) and at The Bakers Party Shop blog. Check it out. Thanks for hosting this dynamite giveaway. I hope I win!

  5. Michelle R. says:

    I would use it for every birthday that I made cupcakes for and jazz it up a bit with small decorations. It’s so cute!!

  6. I would love to use this on a dessert table for a styled party or a blog photo shoot! It’s nice to see a new kind of stand for cupcakes.

  7. I would totally use it when i make cupcakes for events and instead of them in a ugly container they can be displayed.

  8. I love it !! I would use it ALL the time for my cupcakes. :)

  9. Emily Kelly says:

    Oh my gosh this is so cute!!! I would use this so much starting with cupcakes for my two little guys but I’m dying to put some pretty pink and red cupcakes for valentines day on the stand!

  10. Shannon Spratt says:

    What an amazing design for this cupcake stand! It looks durable, sturdy and it’s portable!

  11. Barbara Greenwell says:

    it would use this awesome stand for my grandchildren’s birthdays!!

  12. Wow, what a fantastic cupcake stand.. I’d love to have one to use for photographing cupcakes for my blog and for serving them at parties.

  13. Hey Toni,
    First of all, super cute post! Love the creativity! What would I do with this stand…. Hmm… What wouldn’t I do?! Lol, I have 6 boys, so the idea of a “stadium” style stand leaves any limits at the door! Ideas are running through my head already! We are huge Raiders fans, so I’ll be starting off with that!
    Thanks!! :)

    • Thank you! The hubs says your automatically disqualified for being a Raiders fan…but don’t worry, I have control of the votes! ;)

  14. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this new cupcake stand! I have 3 daughters and a huge family. We are always having partys and the new cupcake stand is a must!

  15. Oh my goodness, I love this! I’d love to be inspired to keep perfecting my cupcake skills!!

  16. Alex Floyd says:

    Super cute! You have me going cupcake crazy. I’ve been making them for events and will make them for Nova’s first birthday. I’ve been looking for a stand but they are all same old same old. This one is pretty primo. I would use this stand to show off all of my cupcake creations.

  17. Love the cupcake stand…especially love the space-saving design!! I would definitely put one to good use for entertaining/parties. I am often asked to make cupcakes & treats for kids parties. This would be a great display!!!

  18. Britany Robinson says:

    I would love to have this cupcake stsnd. It is perfect for my 5 yr old son to place cupcakes on by himself when he’s helping me bake.

  19. I would love this for my twins’ birthday party. Thanks for your website. Very interesting.

  20. I would love to use this cupcake stand for my kids birthday parties!!!!

  21. I’d love to use the stand for presentation and pictures.

  22. Marie Nabors says:

    Wow! I found your blog while frantically searching for last minute bday fun ideas for my daughters 2nd bday, and I’m totally impressed and wish I’d found your site a week sooner so I could use all your creativity for tomorrow’s party! Oh well-at least I know where to come for help for all future celebrations!

  23. Ashley Young says:

    I would love this stand! What a great way to add cupcakes to a beautiful party table without the usual ones you see all the time. And like you I love that it folds flat as I also don’t have the space! So does tgis ake me entered?!?! I’m so excited

  24. This is a lovely cupcake stand!!!

  25. maria in nj says:

    what a great stand!! and i love how it folds for storage…it would be used fpr my super bowl party if I should be so lucky to win!

  26. I would use these for my dessert tables. Love how it makes each cupcake stand out!

  27. Stephanie Brooks says:

    I love the simple look of the stand it allows you to be very creative my niece is turning 4 and wants a frozen theme party. I can already see this cupcake stand with her frozen theme cupcakes sitting on it!!!! I

  28. I would use it for birthdays, school celebrations and just for fun at home. What a great way to showcase your cupcakes! Love the fold flat for easy transport.

  29. Sharan Farmer says:

    I think it would look so cute as a tiered flower garden! Decorate each cupcake top as a different flower and add a tiny little garden rake and hoe for effect…so ready for spring!

  30. Such an amazing concept and design! I love it!!
    I’m trying to build my own cake, cupcake, cookie website, and would use this for the photography for the website, in hopes of one day opening up my own bakery, so I’m doing as much as I can to promote what I can do, and this would be great not just for me but for everyone! I’m also going to use it for when I have bake sales and parties!

  31. I would use this stand to branch into decorating cupcakes and displaying them! I love how it allows you to see each cupcake! Janine is amazing and did an awesome job on this!

  32. I would love to have one on these stands to use for my next dessert table!!! Love it!!!

  33. I would use this so often! I love to make cupcakes, but I have been looking for a great cupcake stand and this looks perfect!

  34. I would use the cake stand for my son’s school bake sales

  35. LOVE this!!! So awesome! I’d put this to use at my shorties’ birthday parties, holidays, PTO meetings, after school snack surprises, and more!

  36. So glad to have found this site, thanks to cake pop stand co.

  37. I would use it for my next birthday party

  38. Cynthia Gonzalez says:

    I’m an at home baker. I have the opportunity to do lots of sweets tables for different events for my friend. This would be an awesome way to display my cupcakes. Just visited their site and love the cake pop version as well.

  39. Monique Brooks says:

    I would use it to display the awesome cupcakes I’m making for a Super bowl party this year! I’m new to cupcakes but I’m super excited to show the new techniques and recipes I’ve learned. :) Btw, Janine is the best!!!

  40. Awosomd giveaways thank s

  41. Love the cake stand. So many ideas to use it for. Birthdays, Holidays for my school events and sports awards banquets.

  42. I love this!!! I’d use it for my nephews birthday party coming up!

  43. Melissa L. says:

    This would be great for parties. Thanks for the giveaway!

  44. I’d use this for Sunday dinners and anytime I have to bring baked goods to a friend’s house.

  45. I love this stand. It looks so cute, perfect for displaying cupcakes during parties.

  46. I think this is an amazing idea. I have a few ideas on how I will use this to decorate my display a little more. Just starting out again, I’m exciting about all the new possibilities. First use will be at the Upcoming graduation party for my GED students.

  47. If I receive it in time for super bowl that will be the first use. I can see dressing it up for a bridal shower I’m hosting in May. I can picture many many great uses for this adorable stand. Thanks for the opportunity!

  48. I love to bake and have been ever since my first easy bake oven as a child! I bake for every family celebration and friend event. I’d use this gorgeous cupcake stand as my cupcake show stopper! Thank you for this awesome give away. And congrats on your book!

  49. I would love a stand like this, it would be ideal to deliver with pretty cupcakes in for party events. AS LONG AS I CHARGE A STEEP DEPOSIT so it is returned

  50. Carlos Rodriguez says:

    Great product for cupcake lovers. The photo showing cupcakes with a football theme have me the idea to have a sheet cake football field. Maybe some players on the field. THEN, have two cupcakes stands on both sides with cupcakes representing the fans!

  51. I would love to win this so I can make cupcakes for my grandkids

  52. I will be throwing a Chinese New Year Party next month, I would love to put some of my baked goodies for my family to snack on while waiting for a big feast!

  53. Excited for this stand! Would love to win this to display my sweet treats in a clean manner

  54. My kids’ birthdays are soon. I’d love to use this! Thanks!

  55. I have a ton of Super Bowl parties coming up to display cupcakes and candy apples at….would love to have this stand to showcase them!

  56. I would bring this stand out w/ every opportunity when I have parties.

  57. I would use it to display cupcakes. It’ll be prefect for taking pictures. I would also use it to display and take pictures of macarons and upside down cake pops!

  58. Jessica B says:

    What a great cupcake stand! I’m thinking this would be nice de at church functions, birthday parties and Super Bowl Sunday!

  59. I would use it for my kiddos parties. They are getting older and the parties will not be so big. And my older son does not like frosting, have you ever, so this would let me keep his un-frosted cupcakes separate from the frosted ones.

  60. Toni Torres says:

    Displaying cupcakes, cake pops and maybe even my sprinkles in cute bottles.

  61. I make cupcakes for all the family parties, but my mom has to bring her cupcake stand from her house. I have no room to store it. This I could fit in our little kitchen!