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Easy Fondant Cupcake Toppers

It’s true! It’s true! Today I’m sharing yet another one of my most treasured tools annnddddddd giving you guys a chance to win some of your own! Happy dance. Happy dance. The cutters I’m sharing today are from the insanely talented Autumn Carpenter’s newest line of cupcake cutie cutters: perfect for fondant, gum paste, small cookies, and so on. As you guys probably know, cupcakes are hands down my favorite treat to make…add a sweet little fondant topper, you could lose me for days. I just love creating little edible art to sit on top of cupcakes, but finding cutters to help out with these tasks is almost impossible. I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent hand cutting little noses, or eyes, or searching through my stash to find a cutter I could at least alter to get the shape I wanted. A great cutter makes a project go so much smoother. So when Autumn asked me awhile ago if I wanted to try out some of her new cutter sets you better believe I said absolutely! (while doing my happy dance)

IMG_0021 Easy Fondant Cupcake Toppers

I chose to start out with the adorable fluttering friends set and the birthday set, Autumn has a dozen sets you can check out here! But that’s not even the best part, she also has an accent set with 18 tiny little shapes to correspond with the cutters! I simply can not say enough how much I LOVE these tiny cutters!!! I use them for everything, seriously everything. I’ve been dying to share them with you!

Easy Fondant Cupcake Toppers

Can’t you guys just see all the possibilities!!

Easy Fondant Cupcake Toppers

The great thing about these little cutter sets is they can be as simple or as extravagant as you would like. You could stick to the basics and simply cut out the shapes shown to make easy toppers. Or you could add patterns, texture, details, apply them to cakes, cookies…the possibilities are endless! I have several ideas for these little cuties that will be popping up on the blog in the near future, but for today I wanted to show you just how easy it is to make adorable toppers with these cutters.

Easy Fondant Cupcake Toppers

First I picked out some fun colors and colored a bit of fondant with gel coloring. Then I rolled it out using a guided fondant rolling pin and some parchment paper. Next up I used the cutters to simply cut out each piece I needed. For the owls I layered the pieces using a little bit of warm water and a food safe paint brush to “glue” them together. Notice the print on the owls body? I used a knife to press in some lines to give it an easy texture.

After the owls were done I decided to add something a little more. I used a small scallop circle cutter and cut out a base then “glued” an owl to each base. Now they are cute little standing owl toppers!

Easy Fondant Cupcake Toppers

For the birthday set I used the same cutter and pieced it together instead of layering. I used the present cutter multiple times on each color and then trimmed away the parts I didn’t need with a knife. After, I “glued” the pieces together with a little warm water and food safe paint brush, then let them dry for a few hours.

IMG_0053 Easy Fondant Cupcake Toppers

So what do you guys think? Are you as excited about these toppers as I am?! Would you like to win some of your own?! The lovely Autumn carpenter and our awesome sponsor Country Kitchen SweetArt would like to give away 4 of our readers a set of their cutters (birthday OR fluttering friends, winners pick!) AND a set of the mini accent cutters!! All you have to do is enter below by “liking” MBC or Country Kitchen SweetArt on Facebook, following MBC on Instagram, or leave a comment below! That’s 4 chances to win 4 prizes!

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If you’re anything like me you probably can’t wait to see the rest of the cutters! Hop on over to Autumn Carpenter’s site and check out the whole collection OR shop for them here and Country Kitchen SweetArt. Good luck everybody!

Easy Fondant Cupcake Toppers



  1. Maria in NJ ~Dolcelicious Bake Shoppe says:

    Hi Toni! I like them all! cute sets! thanx for a chance to win!

  2. Megan Park says:

    Hi Toni! Liked all 3 and here is my comment! :)

  3. Love them! They are just waaay to cute! :)

  4. Love these!

  5. Great job Mama!

  6. love them all…but if I had to choose….the owl

  7. Nicole Dagnese says:

    Super cute cupcakes and those tools would be very handy :)

  8. love them all but I know we would be making the owl first thing!

  9. The fluttering friends are so cute! I would use them to make bentos for my daughter as well as cupcakes!

  10. All of the sets are great, but my favorite would be “Fluttering.”

  11. Andrea Quirk says:

    ‘Liking’ ……More like ‘Loving’ these.
    Would love a chance to win and make some creative creations

  12. These are great! I’m not sure which set I would pick.

  13. These cutters are amazing….so many possibilities!!

  14. All of the sets are too cute! But the owl one is definitely my favorite:) So many possibilities with all of them! Thank you for another chance to win, as I won a rolling pin but did not respond in time. I was super bummed but would just like to say this set is adorable!!

  15. I love them all but jungle ones are super cute

  16. Becky B. says:

    I like them all! The fluttering friends & teeny tiny set would be used most. Thanks!

  17. The owl is definitely my favorite!

  18. Nicole C says:

    Love them! Sooo cute!

  19. Kelly Westerman says:

    So cute, especially the owl!

  20. O My gosh… My name is Lulu and I’m an 11 year old girl! When I grow up I want to open a cupcake shop! My little sister and I love experimenting decorations and I would love to have these in my kitchen! The owls are so cute, and my mom’s birthday is coming up so the party hats would b awesome!
    Thanks so much

  21. Cheri Staple says:

    I plan to try working with fondant, so these would definitely help!

  22. I’m just starting to work with fondant and I love these!

  23. Sue Lepard says:

    These would be so much fun to own :)

  24. These are so cute!! Thank you for sharing :)

  25. Kathy Jones says:

    Would love to win one of these sets, thank you for sharing.

  26. Stephanie says:

    Ooh, I like them all.

  27. They’re all great, but may favorite is the owl…

  28. Derice Steele says:

    I like them all!

  29. Barbara Law says:

    I have five grandkids, so I think either set would be nice. They love helping me make cookies. Thanks, for offering the giveaway.

  30. Debra Lee says:

    The owl for me!

  31. I think they are both adorable but the fluttering friends is my favorite!

  32. I absolutely love all of the cutie cutter sets! I think my favorites are the jungle and fluttering friends sets

  33. Toni Torres says:

    I would say owls are so popular right now so I would love to start with that set. Thanks for offering this to us.

  34. Jenica Watkins says:

    Such cute cutters!

  35. Mily Cano says:

    lovely cutters!!

  36. Maribel says:

    I really like the Birthday cutter set!

  37. Lindsay Lee says:

    I love the birthday set!!!

  38. I am more and more in awe each day that you create these masterpieces!

  39. Ann-Marie Reilly says:

    Love them all but fluttering friends is my favourite. Do you ship to Scotland?

  40. Like all of them, but owls are very popular now. He is my favorite. Thanks for the giveaway!