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Christmas Swirly Cookies

Back in October I posted some really fun Halloween swirly cookies. I really loved making them, they were so bright, fun, and easy! They quickly became one of my most popular posts as they shot around the web.  As soon as I made them I really wanted to try some out in Christmas colors…and here they are! Aren’t they fun?! So bright and cheery :)


Traditional red and green would be just as great…but I wanted to mix it up just a bit. This color combo is so popular this year, and I’m really digging it! It’s easy to spend hours decorating sugar cookies, and it takes a lot of practice to get it right. These however, take very little skill and are pretty quick to make! Pretty much like playing with play dough.


Check out my first post here with a full photo tutorial and recipe. The only difference is I used 3 colors instead of 4. I did keep my dough balls the same (large grape) size which made the cookies a bit smaller. I actually needed them smaller (2.5in)…however, if you want them a little larger just roll each ball a bit bigger then a large grape to make up for the fourth ball. Clear as mud?!

IMG_7156 IMG_7161

Oh, and I should probably mention these freeze really well! So go ahead and make some now to pull of of the freezer when needed. It makes Christmas treat making a breeze. I plan on serving these at a couple of different events.





  1. How fun! I absolutely love the colors you chose. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Anonymous says:

    These are ADORABLE! But a question for the amount of balls you put together for the beach ball part. Since these Christmas cookies are three colors, do you only squish together three balls vs. the Halloween ones were four balls. Will it change the size of cookie if only three balls? Thanks for the info, I am a newb with this kind of cookie baking,

    • Hey there! I actually meant to add that info in the original post! Oops! I have edited the post so that info is in there now. :) Thanks!

    • Thank you for adding that! And one more silly question – What font did you use for the words Christmas & Cookies in the first picture? Love it! I hope to be as talented as you someday…

  3. We are at Ft. Drum too! I am making these tonight for a potluck at my hubs work on Wed. I’m so excited to see how they turn out!

    Brandi Stodola

  4. I love these! I made some blue and red (on a stick) one year, but no sprinkles and not nearly as vivid in the color department:)

  5. Hi, love this cookies…. i will like to know, when you say frezee well, you mean the dough with out baking or after you bake them. and if is after … do you just let them out to reach room temp. does this afect the cookie texture? Thank you. I am new on baking and i will love to make them for a gift. Sorry for my english i speak spanish.

  6. So cute and yes, this color combo is popular. I did my tree in these colors and just love it. Now I will be making these cookies in pink, pale blue, and cream for my daughter’s birthday party.

  7. Maria in NJ says:

    Toni have you tried making these with your sugar cookie dough or do you always use sugarbelles? I don’t really like using 10X sugar in a sugar cookie, will your recipe work?

    • Yes it will! Thanks for mentioning that, I will update this post with that info, always trying to improve!!

      • Maria in NJ says:

        thank you for the quick reply, I lust found your site and it is truly wonderful…your tutorial on piping was very well done, for someone starting out that is so much help, I’m ancient and an old pro at it, but for someone who hadn’t done it B4, that is so nice of you to share…I <3 playing with flour and sugar…m

  8. Any suggestions on where I may find those color coordinated plates/napkins? Thet really add to the “ambiance”… Thanks from Maine! Pam