Carrot Meringues

Easter is just less then two weeks away and can you believe I haven't baked a single Easter treat? What's my deal? I blame it on the macarons really, if I hadn't recently fell in love with the adorable little yummy treats I would be dreaming up floppy bunny ears and cute little cotton tails. Instead of dreaming of different macaron combos. But hey, maybe they won't mind if we have coconut ... [ read more... ]

Chocolate Dipped Peppermint Meringues

I don't know about you guys but I've been eagerly awaiting the "appropriate" time to start making Christmas treats, and it's finally here! So let's kick the month off right with some peppermint! I was inspired to make these chocolate dipped peppermint meringues a few months ago during my trip to Duncan Hines. I love making meringues. I've had fun in the past changing their flavors, colors, and ... [ read more... ]

Christmas Tree Meringues

There's one thing I can always be sure of.  My "to make" list, will never ever ever end. It seems like every time I make one treat... it brings to life a new idea or two, or three even! These little Christmas trees came to my mind when I made these candy corn meringues back in October. As I was piping the candy corns out I thought wow, these would make super cute Christmas trees! Just a change ... [ read more... ]

Candy Corn Meringues

I love making meringues, but these might honestly be one of my favorite things I ever made. Not only are they easy, they are inexpensive, serve a lot, and so incredibly stinking cute! Don't worry if you aren't a fan of candy corns, these light and airy cookies have a soft vanilla taste - just dressed up as candy corns. I couldn't resist layering yellow, orange, and white meringue to make these ... [ read more... ]

Cotton Candy Meringue Cookies

Aren't these little cookies adorable?! They were so much fun, I couldn't wait to share them with you. I know I've been on a total baking kick lately But in my defense, it is my forte. My craft drive is a little low at the moment. But with that said...I have lots of baking to share. Have you heard Duncan Hines is hosting a contest? They are hosting a recipe contes to celebrate the launch of their ... [ read more... ]