Game Night With Krusteaz!

We're really starting to feel like "home" here in Germany. But let me tell you we definetly adjusted to the desert weather these last few years in Texas - it's SO COLD here! With that being said we haven't been able to venture out much as I was hoping by now, but we have had SO much family time at home which I am truly loving every minute of. One of the ways we are keeping the kiddos occupied ... [ read more... ]

A Look Inside Cupcakery – Part 1!

Guess what? It's already time for another sneak inside my new book, Cupcakery! Eek! Who's excited? After keeping all of this sprinkle covered cuteness to myself for months and months, I'm over the moon excited to finally share little bits with you guys. Just incase you missed it, I introduced Cupcakery and gave a first look inside last month. Currently it's available for Pre-sale on both Amazon ... [ read more... ]

The Sweet Life: Meet Your Baker/Blogger!

Hello friends! Today I have something totally different to share with you, a blog post on quiet possibly the hardest topic I've ever written about...that would be, well, me! Why on earth would I pause the sweet sharing to talk about me? Because recently, we've had soooo many new readers join the MBC crew! HOORAY! So I thought it would be good if I took a little time to do something different ... [ read more... ]

BASH Conference Goodies

If you follow along with MBC on Instagram (if you don't you SHOULD because it's my FAV) you probably noticed I took a little trip to Phoenix this past weekend to attend BASH conference. I was blessed with the chance to go as a brand ambassador for my absolute favorite company Sweets & Treats Boutique. Which is fancy words for I represented her company, handed out awesome cupcake liners, and shared ... [ read more... ]

2014 Top 10 Reader Favorite Posts & Recap

Today I'm finally getting around to sharing our top 10 reader favorites posts of 2014! With all the craziness that the end of the year brought this year I hadn't planned to do a recap, but then I stumbled upon 2013's recap and really was reminded just how much fun it is to take a look back over the year. Sometimes, I forget I even made something, it's really fun to look back over the projects I've ... [ read more... ]

IFBC 2014 Recap

Every once in awhile I take a little break from all things sprinkled and share with you guys a little bit of the sweet life, today is one of those days! If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed I took a fun blog related trip to Seattle. Krusteaz invited their entire Baker's Dozen Bloggers to come up to Seattle and tour their facility, meet the Krusteaz family, and attend the ... [ read more... ]

Spillin’ The Sprinkles!

You might have noticed lately MBC has been a little less sprinkle filled as it normally is. But if you follow me on Instagram, you'll notice I'm far from relaxing. As a matter of fact, behind the scenes I've been baking more then ever before. I've been working on a little surprise project and I think it's time I spill the sprinkles… I am so incredibly excited, anxious, and ridiculously nervous ... [ read more... ]

Sweet Gifts Your Baker Will Love

Shopping and baking - two of my favorite things. You guys should see me in a baking store, it's like a four year old in a candy factory. If I could, I would live in the sprinkle aisle at Country Kitchen SweetArt. I admit the sight of a new mix of sprinkles or an adorable new cake stand just might stop my heart a little. Growing up I never wanted to get my mom "kitchen stuff" for gifts, because ... [ read more... ]