Cupcakery Pre-order Giveaway & Gift! (Ended)

You guys! Cupcakery's official release is just over a week away (June 9th). A week! But hey, patience, it's never been my kinda virtue. So why not start the celebration now! Last week I received stacks and stacks of these little beauties on my door step...printed, with pages, and pictures, and that fresh off the shelf smell! Seriously, guys it's real and it's here! (Well, almost.) And I absolutely ... [ read more... ]

Cupcake Stand Giveaway!

So. How are you guys today, good? Me too. I've got a giveaway for you today. Yep. Ok, I can't play it cool, I AM SO EXCITED!!! I know, I know, I say it all the time. But I'm really excited today. Because today not only am I giving you a sneak peak of one of the cupcakes in the upcoming MBC Book Cupcakery, I'm giving you guys the VERY FIRST look at a BRAND NEW product!...Oh, and the product was ... [ read more... ]

Grilling With Krusteaz – Weber grill giveaway!

Happy Monday my sweet friends! It's officially Halloween week - who's ready to get their candy on?! My kids are already mapping out their plan of attack and negotiating who's going to be trading what, trick-or-treat prenups if you will. Personally, I reserve the right to 10% off the top - my fee for dragging them through the neighborhood each year ;). I wanted to kick off the week with a ... [ read more... ]

Lunch Time Play Date With Krusteaz Flatbread!

Sometimes the life's best moments come from the simplest of things! Recently things have been a little cray cray around here. Ok more like insane, when will I sleep crazy. All three girls started school, and the hubs has been away playing Army, and I'm pressing forward with the book. Despite all the chaos my girls are happily content - true Army brats for sure. However, I've been having some ... [ read more... ]

TMNT Cupcakes & New York Baking Company Silicone Baking Cup Review

Slime, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, sprinkles, cupcake baking cups, a review, and a giveaway…that's quiet a combo don't you think?! You just never know what your gonna get stopping by MBC do ya? Got to keep you on your toes! Annnnnddd it's Friday, so pretty much anything goes! So what do all of these things have in common? Awhile back the awesome people over at New York Baking Company asked ... [ read more... ]

Cake Pop Stand Co. Review And Giveaway!

Today I'm kicking off the week here at MBC with a fun product review from our newest sweet sponsor, Cake Pop Stand Co! Cake Pop Stand Co is a company that produces specialty cake pop stands in a wide variety of shapes, designs, hole count, and decor. You can pick from an option available in the shop or work with them to create something totally unique to your needs. Over the next few months we're ... [ read more... ]

Miss Friday Mourning Sprinkle Jewelry Giveaway!

You guys know I love sprinkles, it's not exactly a secret. But I do have to admit I kind of have a love hate relationship with nonpareils. I mean I can't hate them, their sprinkles. But they are a pain in the rear to work with, am I right? All you have to do is look at the little guys and they start hoping around in the container. You open that lid and it's a promise you'll be sweeping them up ... [ read more... ]

The Great Baking Closet Clean Out Blog Party!

Boy, do I have a fun post for you guys today! But wait, not just a post, a party! A party that involves, sprinkles, baking supplies, sweet bloggers, prizes, and cleaning - yes cleaning! Betsy over at JavaCupcake, and I have rounded up a few sweet bakers to share with you guys a behind the scenes look at how we keep our baking supplies neat and tidy! Well sort of, before we showed you guys our ... [ read more... ]