BASH Conference Goodies

If you follow along with MBC on Instagram (if you don't you SHOULD because it's my FAV) you probably noticed I took a little trip to Phoenix this past weekend to attend BASH conference. I was blessed with the chance to go as a brand ambassador for my absolute favorite company Sweets & Treats Boutique. Which is fancy words for I represented her company, handed out awesome cupcake liners, and shared ... [ read more... ]

Sew Cute Valentines

Today, I'm sharing some sew cute Valentines the kiddo and I made a few days ago. I know it's only Jan. 16th, but before you start thinking I'm a total overachiever let me clarify...I'm a really a total procrastinator. No matter how many times I think I'm prepared for something, I'm not. I suffer from major Type A and crafting ADD at the same time, an awful combo. The more my kiddos grow the more I ... [ read more... ]

Play Cake Pops!

When my first daughter turned 1 we bought her a wooden play kitchen, table, and lots of wooden food. I'm kinda of a stickler about toys, and I wanted her to steer clear of the chintzy plastic pieces. Since then we have grown quiet the collection of wooden and felt foods, some bought and some handmade. Now we have three girls, and they still play with that same kitchen, table, and food everyday and ... [ read more... ]