Lunch Time Play Date With Krusteaz Flatbread!

Sometimes the life's best moments come from the simplest of things! Recently things have been a little cray cray around here. Ok more like insane, when will I sleep crazy. All three girls started school, and the hubs has been away playing Army, and I'm pressing forward with the book. Despite all the chaos my girls are happily content - true Army brats for sure. However, I've been having some ... [ read more... ]

Cookie Decorating Class & $50.00 Party Pail Giveaway!

Happy Monday! Why is it so happy you ask...well today I'm sharing a blog post that just can't help but make me smile! Those of you with me on Instagram might have seen my sneak peaks, but for those of you who missed it, this weekend I hosted a cookie decorating class/party/event and it was SO. MUCH. FUN. Cookies, sprinkles, party setup, icing, bright colors, aprons, lunch, laughter and amazing ... [ read more... ]

Pink Champagne Cupcakes – Cupcake Couture Blog Party

Hello, and welcome to the party! Haven't you heard? The ever so sweet Java Cupcake has gathered up 21 dessert bloggers to throw an incredible Cupcake Couture Blog Party! Here's how it works...each of us was given a random cupcake wrapper from Bella Cupcake Couture, from which we were suppose to create a coordinating cupcake and display using things around our home. Just to show you guys just how ... [ read more... ]

Disney Princess Birthday Luncheon!

Recently, I shared with you that my twin girls Miley and Bailey turned 3! Although I'm still totally in shock and can't even believe we made it to 3...I did manage to put together a little birthday luncheon to celebrate! When it came to picking a theme...there wasn't even an option. My girls are princess crazy, let's be real, they are obsessed. They eat, sleep, and breath princess, - it's ... [ read more... ]

Cocoa and Cookies Party

Today I have a special post to share with you, our baby girl's 5th birthday party! Honestly, her party was almost a month ago, yet I'm still sitting here going, how is she five, when did this happen?! I feels like I was just staring at her big beautiful eyes for the first time! Then I blink, and she's five. Seriously, no more blinking.  We went over several different themes for her birthday from ... [ read more... ]