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Striped Fondant + Floral Heart Cookies

Hello and welcome! I'm so freaking excited to be able to officially say I am doing LIVE tutorials on Instagram every other Thursday! I can't even you guys...just can't even. The blogging + social media space has changed so much since I've been hanging out with you guys here. It's mind blowing to think I can now actually hang out with you guys and get our sprinkle on together LIVE! I've always said ... [ read more... ]

Pizza Cookies

Do you guys ever think of the cutest idea ever, that you just can't hardly wait to make it happen? Then just as you are about to make your epicness come to life you realize somebody else already did it. Or even worse 100 somebodies already did it. Whomp whomp whomp. All the sudden all your built up personal coolness points just totally skipped out the window. I struggle with this so much guys, so ... [ read more... ]