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Circus Animal Ice Cream

I am so SO excited to share today's post with you guys! A few days ago I noticed we were running low on homemade ice cream so I thought I better whip up a another batch or two. What can I say it's well over 100 degrees for weeks now, ice cream is practically a food group here! This was my chance to use up the half bag of Circus Animal Cookies I've been hoarding in the pantry since I made these ... [ read more... ]

Patriotic Swirl Cupcakes – Two Toned Icing

I've decided to call these cupcakes Patriotic Swirl Cupcakes instead of "______ Of July Cupcakes". Yea - I'm avoiding that holiday right now and pretending it's not really just two weeks out. It's not that I don't enjoy the "______ Of July", in fact I love it! We're just now completing our first full week of summer break and I can not express how much I've really enjoyed it. It's amazing what ... [ read more... ]

Measuring Uniform Cupcakes

Today launched Challenge #3 for the ABC Family Young and Hungry Blogger Challenge. Our mission - to use these Wilton cupcake liners to create some bright, fun, and colorful cupcakes. Wait what? You want me to make you cupcakes that are colorful and fun? Oh the arm twisting, it's painful really. I've been eyeing the wrappers since we got our challenge kit, and I knew this would be my favorite. I ... [ read more... ]

Brookie Cheesecake

I have some fun news today! ABC Family has welcomed me to participate in a 2 week blogger challenge to kick off their new TV Series Young & Hungry. Young & Hungry is a TV show based all around a food blogger - how cool! During the two weeks a group of bloggers will be competeing in given challenges using items chosen by ABC to compete for the grand prize - to have their blog mentioned on ... [ read more... ]

Pink Lemonade Cupcakes

While I was planning my baking agenda this week (that's totally normal right?) it occurred to me I can't remember the last time I made cupcakes. Sure enough when I checked here to confirm it's been over a month since I made cupcakes! What?! How could this be - this had to change and fast. Sure we've been consumed with fun things like Ice Cream and Macarons but cupcakes and me we're like peanut ... [ read more... ]

Ice Cream Week Recap!

Sadly, Ice Cream Week is over but hey, we have lots of new ice cream flavors to cheer you up! Plus I have many more cool treats to share with you guys this summer! Just incase you you missed out on all the fun last week or need a little catching up I have a little recap for you guys of all 7 fun flavors I shared this week! All super easy and no machine needed! 1. Cherry Pie Ice Cream - The ... [ read more... ]

Brownie Batter Bits Ice Cream

Officially Ice Cream Week was last week, and this recipe was suppose to be shared yesterday, but life and awful internet connection got in the way so I'm a little late! Sorry guys! I do have an ice cream recipe today that totally makes up for it, Brownie Batter Bits! If you are a fan of chocolate, brownies, more chocolate, and deliciously rich treats…this ones for you! Just like all the rest ... [ read more... ]

Chocolate S’mores Ice Cream

Welcome to day 6 of Ice Cream Week! I don't know about you guys but I've had a blast enjoying lots of cool treats and flavors this week. I'm absolutely loving todays flavor, Chocolate S'mores ice cream! S'mores is one of those flavors that will just never ever go out of style! I've also learned a few things this week. Like if your going to make 7 flavors of ice cream and photograph it to share ... [ read more... ]