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Cookie Decorating Class & $50.00 Party Pail Giveaway!

Happy Monday! Why is it so happy you ask...well today I'm sharing a blog post that just can't help but make me smile! Those of you with me on Instagram might have seen my sneak peaks, but for those of you who missed it, this weekend I hosted a cookie decorating class/party/event and it was SO. MUCH. FUN. Cookies, sprinkles, party setup, icing, bright colors, aprons, lunch, laughter and amazing ... [ read more... ]

Cupcake Cuties Cutters & Giveaway!

It's true! It's true! Today I'm sharing yet another one of my most treasured tools annnddddddd giving you guys a chance to win some of your own! Happy dance. Happy dance. The cutters I'm sharing today are from the insanely talented Autumn Carpenter's newest line of cupcake cutie cutters: perfect for fondant, gum paste, small cookies, and so on. As you guys probably know, cupcakes are hands down my ... [ read more... ]

Sunflower Cupcakes

It's really hard to believe "spring" is here. And not just because our friends and family all over the north are still seeing snow, our new location in the south has us questioning if there ever was a winter and feeling like it's summer already! I'm not so sure spring really exists here?? Although I don't miss the insane amounts of snow from the frozen tundra (aka upstate New York) I do miss that ... [ read more... ]

Root Beer Float Cookies

Something I love about baking/decorating treats is the ability find inspiration from everywhere. Maybe it's a cool color scheme for a party, an adorable card animation turned into cookies, or a unique flavor adapted from a local restaurant...I find inspiration just about everywhere I go! There is always something to be inspired by. The inspiration for these root beer float cookies actually came ... [ read more... ]

Birthday Cake Monkey Bread

Today my sweet, no longer baby girls, turned four. Four years since we welcomed two four pound little ladies into the world. Four years since the double the diapers, double the bows, double the pink, and double the cuteness began. Which means, no more toddlers for us, we've officially moved on to all "big girls" and only one thing comes to mind. Hallelujah, oh happy day, we survived! And that ... [ read more... ]

Shamrock Cookie Sandwiches

It's Friday! I hope you guys have had a fabulous week, because I have a little St. Patty's excitement to wrap it up! Today I'll be sharing how quick and easy you can make some of these adorable little shamrock cookies sandwiches, with rainbow sprinkle filled centers! All while dishing the details on one of my FAV baking tools! These cookies are seriously easy to pull together, just a ... [ read more... ]

Mint Oreo Cupcakes

Hellllooooo there! Geesh, it feels like forever since I've shared a new post! Did you think maybe I had disappeared, drowned in my sprinkles, tangled in baker's twine? No worries, I'm here, just buried behind a large pile of, paperwork, a full schedule, and a to do list far longer then I'd like to admit! A few weeks ago my oldest kiddo was super sick with Scarlet Fever (yes, it's still around!) ... [ read more... ]