Archives for July 2013

Reese Cup Cake

This July I swapped my parents my 3 little cupcakes for my "little" brother. Doesn't seem like a fair trade right? But hey, it was my mom's idea! While the girls are having a blast with family I'm catching up on work and enjoying a little kiddo free time. It just so happens my brother celebrated his 17th birthday while staying in New York with me, so naturally we needed a cake! He requested a ... [ read more... ]

Red Velvet Cake Mix Cookies & Giveaway!

Remember these hot cocoa crinkle cookies? They are pretty much my favorite cookie ever. Ever since I made those, I've thought it would be fun to make another crinkle cookies with some more flavors, and last week I finally got around to it! Let me say, these cookies did not disappoint. They are chewy and soft....and taste just like red velvet cake dusted with a light powdered sugar. Yumminess! ... [ read more... ]

Firecracker Pretzels

The Fourth Of July is only 2 days away, so I thought I would share one more little treat. This one is a quick and easy treat, that's still a lot of fun! I mean really, what's more fun then a firecracker you can eat? ;) You might remember last week I shared these Pop Rock Cupcakes with you and now I have another treat that crackles and pops! I couldn't let all my extra Pop Rocks and sprinkles go to ... [ read more... ]