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Wilton Giveaway – 12 New Cupcake Products!


Wilton products have always been a fav of mine. As a matter of fact, Wilton played a huge roll in my baking adventures from the start! It was my husband’s gift of Wilton’s Ultimate Cake Decorating Set that encouraged me to give baking/decorating a try! My Wilton collection has grown just a bit since then…heh. Just when I think I’ve got “enough” they come out with more awesome stuff…that I just have to have. ;)

That’s one reason I love Wilton…they always have something new out to feed my baking supply addiction ;). But also because they’re great products, easy to use, accessible, and friendly on the budget. Most often I know when I share something that I love with you guys from Wilton, you will be able to find it too. I love that.

So, you can imagine my excitement when Wilton so generously gave me the opportunity to pick out a few items to try out…oh yea, and give them to one of you too! Excited?! Me too. Naturally, I picked all things cupcake. Recently Wilton has released all kinds of new awesome cupcake products! I just love all the bright colors and smooth swirls of buttercream…it’s like they made these just for me!

IMG_0714-2 IMG_0758-2

How cool is this new two toned baking pan? And you know I couldn’t resist these little cupcakes…


These new Colorcup liners are great! Don’t let the adorable print fool ya, they are foil lined meaning they will keep every bit of their color! I’m such a sucker for great cupcake liners. :)

I’ve also been dying to play around with these Colorburst Batter Bits! Making treats bright and colorful – count me in!


Also included in the prize package is their new book Cupcakes! and a handy cupcake carrier! The book is PACKED with cupcake ideas and information! Not only is there really helpful information on baking, filling, and frosting cupcakes, there are hundreds of cupcakes decorating ideas! This is by far my favorite Wilton book yet.


Of course, I’ve been having all kinds of fun with my new cupcake products and I can’t wait to show you! I’ll be back next week with some reviews for you on these products as well as showing you how I used them to get creative. Then Friday (April 19th, 2013) one random winner will be selected via Rafflecopter! Make sure you’re following on MBC on Facebook so you don’t miss the announcement…it just might be you!

Enter using the Rafflecopter below, there are several ways to increase your chances! Good luck!!

Giveaway is open to US entries only please.

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  1. Maria in NJ says:

    I use their piping bags and their colors…I like them…thank you Toni for a chance to win this nice package…m

  2. Lisa Wenckus says:

    I have always LOVED their food coloring, but I think my new favorite is the two-toned backing pan you just posted cool!!!

  3. Hi! I am so glad I found your blog through Pinterest! I love baking as well as cooking and have seen so many beautiful thing in your posts! Lots of inspiration! Thanks SO much! I only have the basic Wilton cake decorating set…but I love cupcakes so much I realize I need the set especially for them! Just makes them look so cute!
    I’m wondering though about your giveaway … I don’t do facebook, so is there another way or do I just not worry about it? I think I entered through the link, though I was a bit confused by it…I’m sooooo not tech savvy! Aahahaha :/
    Anyway, thanks for everything! :)

    • Hi Jade! I’m glad you found us too!:) You can enter just by leaving a comment as you already did! On the Rafflecoptor just select the “leave a blog comment” and it will have you enter your information. Facebook isn’t a MUST it just increases your chances. If you are in fact selected as a winner, you will be notified by email so no worries!

  4. Nicole Dagnese says:

    really want to try the two tone bakig pan, I think that is such a great idea with endless possibilities for cupcakes

  5. amanda wilkins says:

    their food coloring is awesome! but all their products i love thanks for the opp god bless. :)

  6. Favorite Wilton product is their Cake Release – best tip learned in their decorating class, the stuff is great!

  7. Love the wilton products. My favorite product right now would probably be my new wilton caddy for all my supplies. Finally got it after wanting it for so long!

  8. Brigitte F says:

    I love Wilton products, I’ve taken cake decorating classes at Michaels craft stores, the products easy to work with and very cutting edge.

    thank you!

  9. I love Wilton! All their products are so easy to use!

  10. Love the Two Tone cupcake pan! I just pointed out to my daughter the other day.

  11. Oh man! Favorite? That’s hard to pick. Right now I am loving their new cupcake liners – the grease proof ones that keep their color, makes any cupcake look great :)

  12. christina says:

    My husband just bought me the wilton decorating kit. I’m taking a fee wilton classes soon…can’t wait to get started!! Cupcakes are one of my faves and this package would be amazing to have. I love your blog….thank you so much for sharing!!

  13. Katie Perry says:

    I use wilton from coloring, piping bags to the many different pans and ideas they have for.decorating. this would be an amazing giveaway to win!

  14. My favorite Wilton product is the books I can use for reference during a project. I especialy enjoy the Wilton Candy Melts, and anything reated to cupcakes.

  15. Stephanie B says:

    My favorite Wilton product is the Desert Decorator Pro. I use it for cupcakes to fancy deviled eggs to pretty topping on strawberry pie.

  16. All of these products look awesome! Thanks for a chance to win!

  17. Looove Wilton!

  18. Love the gel food coloring! Love the liners. Love the sprinkles!

  19. Rikki-Dee Flora says:

    Love everything that I have used, but my favorite of what I have is my brownie beater.

  20. I love Wilton’s comfort grip cookie cutters and their decorating tips. Would love to win this cupcake package – great giveaway!

  21. I love the Wilton piping bags, tips, and Wilton products in general! The Colorburst Batter Bits look so fun!

  22. Jennie Keen says:

    I love the color bast batter bites, such a fun thing for a child to see when they bite into a cupcake!!!!

  23. We love Wilson products! I’m especially a fan of their gel colorings, pans, and decos!

  24. Wilton ROCKS! Love all their stuff

  25. Lindsey Cashion says:

    I just love your blog! It gives pratical advice using great Wilton products. I am dying to find some of the keylime meltaways!

  26. I LOVE the meriengue powder. And the white icing color. It makes my cookies pop!!!

  27. lianne hart says:

    I can’t wait to try the batter bits. They look like fun.

  28. tiffany Clarke says:

    I would love to try the two tone pan

  29. I love wiltons piping bags and color gels.

  30. Kimberly Barton says:

    I love love love this site…so many neat ideas! I love using Wilton products for my cakes and im now getting into cupcakes(I know it sounds backwards lol). I’m doing my first “cupcake” party for my daughter/grandpa’s summer birthday party, so I’m excited : D

  31. Rachel LaManna says:

    Love the 3-Piece Covered Cupcake Set. They have such great products, hard to pick a favorite!

  32. Amanda E. Buccieri says:

    I love my cake/cupcake basic decorating kit!

  33. Love Wilton Products since I took the basic cake decorating class at JoAnn many moons ago. The coloring is great, as well as the decoroating tips. Hmmm. their candy melts are great, too. Thanks for the opportunity. Love your site.

  34. I use their bags, tips and colors. I have always wanted to take classes!

  35. jackie wilfong says:

    Love trying new baking items and the best way is with new products!

  36. I took their cake classes to save on bakery cakes during our swarm of summer birthdays. I have to tell you though, I started doing cupcakes about 7 months ago and love them so much more!! Portion controlled with all the flexibility and creativity you want to put into each of them. So fun! (Hoping the random winner picker machine has its sights set on me for this great prize pack…LOL)

  37. Dorinda Selke says:

    It is really hard to pick a favorite Wilton product! I guess I would have to say my Wilton cookie sheets, I love to make cut=out sugar cookies, and those cookie sheets are always in use! They clean up wonderfully and I couldn’t be without them ! Hugs, Dorinda

  38. Melissa Alton says:

    My favorite Wilton product is the Dessert Decorator Plus! It makes cake and cupcake decorating so easy that my girls (and even my husband) enjoy helping me! :o)

  39. Wilton decorating cake magazines have always been a favorite of mine. They are my source for cake inspiration. I still have all my vintage copies from the 80’s. ;)

  40. What a “sweet” giveaway. I love Wilton products too. My favorite tool is my star piping tip! I love their gell colors too! Much better than the old fashioned liquid coloring drops.

  41. I would have to say the decorating tips, without them all my cupcakes and cookies would look quite sad!

  42. I love Wilton products! I too got started by a gift set and taking one of the Wilton classes. Then I just bought more Wilton stuff. I can. Always count on it to last! This is a great give away!!

  43. I love the Wilton Bake Even Strips. They make a huge difference in every cake baking much more level.

  44. I love their decorating tips and bags!

  45. Christa G says:

    I love all there stuff, I honestly can’t pick a favorite! :)

  46. my favorite item is the decorating tips!

  47. Amanda S says:

    I love to use Wilton piping bags and tips and their helpful books on cake decorating. I’m still learning how to decorate cakes, but Wilton makes it very easy to learn.

  48. Mily Cano says:

    I love the disposable pastry bags.

  49. I love the Wilton chocolate melter and candy melts!

  50. Monica Shaw says:

    Love Wilton stuff. Cannot wait to see the new Cupcake book. Looks wonderful

  51. Would love to win this! Granddaughter and I live making cupcakes together!

  52. I love everything made by Wilton there are too many to pick a favorite

  53. Pauline silva Garcia says:

    Love the flower cupcake liners

  54. I love love love their sprinkles!! I have been wanting
    a two tone cupcake appliance to add to my cupcake
    repertoire. :) I also want to get the pastry set to frost
    and decorate…

  55. Those little cupcake topper decorations are adorable! Love Wiltons candy melts, too! Thanks for the giveaway.

  56. Loving the decorating tips. Mainly the big 1A!

  57. I just took a batch of mini-Bundt cakes out of the oven, and they popped right out of the Wilton pan I baked them in. So today, that’s my favorite Wilton pan!

  58. Edwina Williams says:

    The color burst looks like a lt of fun!!!!

  59. I would love to win this! Everything is so cute!

  60. I forgot to leave my favorite product… the colorburst baking bits!

  61. Maddie Gough says:

    I love ALL Wilton products they are the only brand I would use cause you can trust all there products! My favourite would have to be… it is so hard to pick but I chose the candy melts I can only get them over the net because I live in Australia! : – (

  62. I have almost every one of the Wilton pans, and LOVE their idea books :)

  63. Cathy McC says:

    I use nearly all of the Wilton products from bags to tips. My favorite are the disposable bags!

  64. nicole kaplan says:

    love the colors and cupcake papers, plus the cute candles and sprinkles

  65. Mara Hornby says:

    It’s hard to pick one favorite Wilton product. I use so many of their items, especially their wide variety of cookie cutters. But I have their bags and tips, food colors, sprinkles, various pans, fondant tools, etc. I think I own half of the baking and decorating aisle at Michaels!

  66. Rachael H. says:

    Hii!! I really like their piping bags and food coloring.

    This is a great giveaway! thanks for the chance!


  67. I love my wilton mini-muffin pan!

  68. I use the piping bags and also their pans. I am excited about their new cupcake pan.

  69. I love trying new products

  70. I just love everything Wilton, just wish I could afford to buy it all…but my favorite things are the pipping bags and couplers:)

  71. EMMA WALTERS says:

    love the batter bits!

  72. Candy melts! I’m beyond addicted to eggnog and marshmallow!

  73. I love their pans…I don’t buy any other cake pans. :)

  74. I love Wilton’s comfort grip cookie cutters!

  75. Lindsi Z says:

    I love all of their gel food colors to make my frosting bright and colorful! And of course their piping tips, so I can pile the frosting on my cupcakes.

  76. Linda K. says:

    Wilton’s gel food colors are my all time favorite Wilton product. I’m loving the two-tone cupcake pan!

  77. Jehmie Durham says:

    I am a big fan of Wilton pipping tips.

  78. Evelyn Rivera says:

    I too am a big Wilton fan…my cake obsession started when I took their cake decorating classes at my local craft store…I was hooked! I’d say that about 90% of my cake decorating tools are from Wilton! Hope to be able to add some more to my collection! :-)

  79. monica d. says:

    I would love to try the cupcake foil lined cups! So sick of the paper cups loosing color!

  80. The food coloring – perfect every time!

  81. I love the food coloring! I think the two-tone cupcake pan would be so much fun!! I have 4 girls who love to bake!

  82. Brandi Stodola says:

    Love the sprinkled!!!!!

  83. Christina H says:

    I love their piping bags and tips.

  84. Michelle W says:

    I <3 Wilton products. They never let me down. The piping bags are easy to work with and fill with the wide opening and the couplers are easy to clean and use. Thank you for all of your updates and easy directions. You rock!

  85. I LOVE Wilton’s cupcake liners!!!

  86. I’m still working on my cupcaking. Wilton seems to have it all. I’d love to take classes they offer very soon!

  87. Pauline P says:

    I love all the products, but the single pice I think gets used about 98 percent of the time is the 1M piping tip… love it!

  88. Maria McDonald says:

    I LOVE their rotating fondant board!!! :)

  89. What not to love from Wilton…I love it all! Cupcake pans, cupcake liners, food coloring, their yearly book, all the tutorials on their facebook page. and loooove their piping tips and disposable piping bags.

  90. Probably the one I use the most… the disposable piping bags! They’re strong, convenient, and easy to use. I also love their jumbo star sprinkles! I use them on a lot of my cookies.

  91. Mary Lewis says:

    I’m addicted to Wilton’s icing & candy colors. What a fun way to make a treat unique :D

  92. My favorite Wilton products are the pearl dust and candy melts!

  93. Charlene says:

    I love everything from Wilton. I especially love their tent sale.

  94. Wilton’s disposable piping bags make my life so much easier!! No clean-up and no mess! I love Wilton products and would love winning this giveaway even more!

  95. I like the baking pans.

  96. Kellytee1 says:

    My favorite Wilton product is the decorator turntable… give you so much flexibility to decorate from any angle with a spin of the table! I use it for cakes, cookies and cupcakes! Thank you for inspiring the home-bakers by giving away such a great prize!

  97. Denise Bryant says:

    Love their cupcake liners!

  98. I LOVE Wilton’s gel colours. They give wonderful results and are great value for money. I’m also a huge fan of their candy melts and colorbits.

  99. I love Wilton products and their creative ideas.

  100. I love anything Wilton. My nana had cake pans by Wilton that she used for all our birthdays and I now have them. They still look brand new!

  101. Mellissa Meye says:

    I absolutely love their piping bags and tips. They make decorating so easy!

  102. I love their disposable decorating bags (tips and meringue powder too)!

  103. I love the two tone cupcake mold ..

  104. That’s hard to say, I love all their products. :0)

    I love their baking pans and I can’t wait to try new products they are releasing on the #wilton2020.


  105. Michaela says:

    Love their meringue powder for Royal Icing!

  106. First… I love your new look!
    Second,.. I am a fan of wilton bakeware. the cake pans, cookie sheets are the best!

  107. I don’t know if I have a favorite… because I use so many!! I Love the gel dyes… and my cupcake pans… and my cake turn table. AND all the piping tips!

  108. carmela christoforatos says:

    I always loved their molds.

  109. I enjoy all of the products I have used from Wilton. Guess the one I like the most is the new color-cup liners they are great.
    Love reading your blog and the good & interesting items you post. Keep up the great job.:)

  110. I love all the fun icing tips they have available!

  111. Stephanie says:

    I would love any of it.

  112. Ryan Barbey says:

    I Love Their Food Coloring!

  113. Karen Meister says:

    My favorite Wilton product is their food gel colours, no wait, it’s the piping bags. No wait, it’s the colours!!!

  114. Karen Meister says:

    My favorite Wilton product is the food colouring gel